Underwater Glue


Sure people have made an underwater glue before but scientists at MIT have engineered proteins based on those found on mussels and barnacles (you know that crap that sticks to ships) to create a super glue that can stick to pretty much anything.  This has the potential for things as vast […]

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Fidel Castro and Monopoly

Bearman Cartoons Fidel Castro Destroys Monopoly Boards

Fun fact cartoon for the day.  Did you know that Fidel Castro wanted to remove any signs of Capitalism when he took power of Cuba?   So one of the first things he did was order all Monopoly Boards destroyed.   In pretty much all communist countries even today, you […]

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The Most Interesting Smurf in the World

The Most INteresting Man in the World is a Smurf Bearman Cartoons

If you asked me if I was starting out doing a parody mash up of Dos Equis Beer’s “Most Interesting Man in the World” and Papa Smurf, the answer is no.  Just as I started drawing the famous ad man’s face I noticed his resemblance to the old blue guy. […]

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Customer Service 5 Star Rating Cartoon


  Gallup is in the news recently for issues surrounding their polling processes used during the election where they predicted a 1 point lead for Romney.  Interesting my beef is not only with Gallup but any company that is involved with corporate polling to survey customer experience at retail establishments […]

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Matzah Balls Tshirt

Long time readers might recognize the design for “I Got Your Matzah Balls Right Here” because I posted it last year and asked if I should put it on a tshirt.  Well guess what.  I forgot to do it until now.  Available on WackSack.com (I really need to rebrand all […]

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Bob Ross & Daryll Collins Mash Up

My friend and former Cincinnati illustrator Daryll Collins has finally decided to start a blog at CartoonSuccotash.com.  And he has started off strong by mixing the iconic landscapes of Bob Ross with his own cartoons.  For those not familiar with Bob, he had a show on public television for years where […]

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Internet Dating Sucks – Cartoons

 Back in 2003, I put was putting together a how-to-NOT book on Internet Dating.  So I drew some gag panels to go with the book.  I think you will notice a difference in my style then versus now.  My wife and a few family members were the only ones ever to […]

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Webcomics: What’s Cooking II

So back in October I spoke about a project called Webcomics: What’s Cooking.    In it I told you …long time Beartoons supporter Byron Wilkins of 1977 the Comic has teamed up with Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics  for a cause near to my heart – Fighting Hunger.  They have collected food […]

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