Chuck Berry & Chuck Barris RIP


Chuck Berry and Chuck Barris both passed away recently.  Chuck Berry of course is famous for being one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll paving the way for those to come to emulate his guitar solos and showmanship.  Chuck Barris was the creator of several game shows including the […]

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Grim Reaper’s Fortune


The Grim Reaper has been a busy entity in 2016 with all the celebrity deaths.  Dan Soto sent me this idea on Facebook so I ran with it.  I can only imagine the Grim Reaper being happy about this fortune in his fortune cookie.

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Celebrity Deaths

Celebrity Deaths Cartoon Bearman Cartoons

Does it seem like there are more Celebrity Deaths than the norm as of late?   Of course this cartoon was inspired by waking up today to find that another celebrity of old had passed away – Dan Haggarty of “Grizzly Adams” fame.  Starting with Natalie Cole and Lemmy from […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Celebrity Death Panel 6

If you missed the beginning of our story…go here first. And the final episode of Celebrity Death Panel… Originally I had in mind that Graham Reaper would be Sarah Palin trying to make money off “Death Panels” like Al Gore does off of Carbon Credits.  But then I figured you […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Celebrity Death Panel 1

Today starts the Worlds First Editorial Cartoon Story Arc. Each day for the next 6, I will be posting a differerent cartoon (each hopefully containing it’s own gag…sometime’s I am funnier than others) but all will be related to the newest game show sweeping the country… Celebrity Death Panel. Follow […]

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