Shitty Life Pro Tip: Don’t Flush the Toilet at Work


So there is are several websites devoted to Life Pro Tips.  There is a sub on reddit called Life Pro Tips.   Of course that ultimately led to Unethical Life Pro Tips and the subject of this cartoon, Shitty Life Pro Tips. LPT: Help keep your coworkers from getting sick. Never […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Gun Control and North Korea


Sorry it has been a while since my last cartoon, let alone editorial cartoon but something struck me the other day after the tragedy at Las Vegas with the push again for gun control. I believe in the second amendment and I also believe, much like we do with other […]

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Chuck Berry & Chuck Barris RIP


Chuck Berry and Chuck Barris both passed away recently.  Chuck Berry of course is famous for being one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll paving the way for those to come to emulate his guitar solos and showmanship.  Chuck Barris was the creator of several game shows including the […]

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Sarah Palin – Mother of the Year

Sarah Palin Mother of the Year Editorial Cartoon

Sarah Palin is back in the news and has my vote to win Mother of the Year.  The day after her son allegedly was drunk and hit his girlfriend, Palin was on the stumping block announcing that she was backing Donald Trump for President. Rather than postponing that speech to […]

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Voter Apathy


Voter Apathy.  We all know it happens but it always is humorous when those who don’t take the time to get out and vote, complain about the outcome. Believe it or not, this was originally written in 2007, the first year I started doing cartooning again.  Every once in a […]

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Understanding German – Wurstküche

Wurstküche is the final word in the Understanding German series.  Actually my wife pointed this one out to me and in my mind I am positive I am pronouncing it wrong. If you missed any of the other words in the series they were: Shmuck, Rathaus, and of course Ausfahrt. I […]

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Understanding German – Rathaus

  We continue our “Understanding German Cartoon Series” with the German word “Rathaus”  (see Ausfahrt in case you missed that one).   In every small town this word is prevalent on signs and a central building.  It simply means “Town Hall” or “City Hall”.  But for those of us in […]

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You Are What You Eat


You are what you eat.  Ever said that line to someone trying to be funny.  Well, true story, this what the response I got recently.  I was at a client and brought in some AIRHEADS (Taffy Candy for those not familiar).  Gave one to a woman I barely knew and pretty […]

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Moderates in Politics Cartoon


  Moderates in Politics.  Oh those poor souls.  We just finished another round of elections in the United States with the Republicans taking over both the House and Senate majorities.  The term you here whenever the minority party becomes the majority after an election is “Mandate.” Let me be clear. […]

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Save the Hall of Justice

One Cincinnati claim to fame is that Union Terminal is considered the inspiration for the Hall of Justice where the Superfriends managed their operations.  Union Terminal was built in 1933 much in the grandeur  of Union Station or Grand Central Station as a train depot.  As train travel diminished especially after […]

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