Tooning Trump’s Tweets – Bayer


Trump cartoons will be all the rage as the new President is sworn in.  Today is a milestone day in American Politics.  Sure, sure, we are going to swear in a new President, Donald J. Trump.  But more importantly he has inspired a new cartoon series from me.  “Tooning Trump’s […]

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The Anatomy of Hillary Clinton

I have been poking fun at the right for a while so it is time for Hillary Clinton and the left to get their turn.   In case you missed my Anatomy of Ted Cruz, it is here. _______________ Charity Challenge Week 2 Results Speaking of love, my biggest efforts in […]

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Grim Reaper’s Fortune


The Grim Reaper has been a busy entity in 2016 with all the celebrity deaths.  Dan Soto sent me this idea on Facebook so I ran with it.  I can only imagine the Grim Reaper being happy about this fortune in his fortune cookie.

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March Madness Vasectomy

Bearman Cartoons March Madness Vasectomy

  So today’s cartoon is another learning fact.  It seems that more men schedule vasectomies during this time of year than any other.  Why?  They want to take time off work for their recovery to take advantage of watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Get a vasectomy?  March Madness indeed. What […]

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Understanding German – Wurstküche

Wurstküche is the final word in the Understanding German series.  Actually my wife pointed this one out to me and in my mind I am positive I am pronouncing it wrong. If you missed any of the other words in the series they were: Shmuck, Rathaus, and of course Ausfahrt. I […]

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Understanding German – Rathaus

  We continue our “Understanding German Cartoon Series” with the German word “Rathaus”  (see Ausfahrt in case you missed that one).   In every small town this word is prevalent on signs and a central building.  It simply means “Town Hall” or “City Hall”.  But for those of us in […]

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Understanding German – Ausfahrt

Having never been exposed to much German except for a few bars of Wayne Newton’s Danke Schoen (thanks Ferris Bueller – you are a righteous dude), I was pleasantly surprised at all the words I found funny traveling the last few weeks in Europe.  So today I give you the […]

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Damn Confusing French Words


Those damn confusing Middle French words will screw you up every single time. Duvet – (origin Middle French) noun 1. a usually down-filled quilt, often with a removable cover; comforter.   Bidet- (origin Middle French) noun 1. a low, basinlike bathroom fixture, usually with spigots, used for bathing the genital and perineal areas. (Source)   In getting […]

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Ariana Grande is now a Specialty Donut


Looks like singer Ariana Grande is going have a specialty doughnut named after her.  It is “dripping” with goodness.  The “most moist donut” you can find.  OK kidding aside, Ariana made news this week having been caught with her boyfriend licking donuts in a store.   See the details and the […]

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You Are What You Eat


You are what you eat.  Ever said that line to someone trying to be funny.  Well, true story, this what the response I got recently.  I was at a client and brought in some AIRHEADS (Taffy Candy for those not familiar).  Gave one to a woman I barely knew and pretty […]

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