Nosy Moms

Nosy Moms 5-13-17--Bearman-Cartoons-Nosy-Mothers-Happy-Mother-Days

Happy Mothers Day Nosy Moms!!!  Well isn’t every mom nosy and prying?  I mean that is what they are supposed to do.  Years ago someone I knew named Doug recounted this story to me as he was in his mid 30’s and his mother was pressuring him to get married. […]

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Editorial Cartoon Bearman Cartoons

“Black Lives Matter”  For whatever reason since the phrase was first invoked, there is a large population of people who miss the point and respond “All Lives Matter.”   What is missing from their understanding, IMO, is when someone invokes the phrase “Black Lives Matter” they aren’t saying ONLY black […]

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Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge 2016


  Yes it is that time of year once again.  The Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge 2016 from May 9 – June 15, where you do stuff and I donate money to worthy charities.   This is the 8th Year I have done this so far donating over $7500. I do this […]

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Grim Reaper’s Fortune


The Grim Reaper has been a busy entity in 2016 with all the celebrity deaths.  Dan Soto sent me this idea on Facebook so I ran with it.  I can only imagine the Grim Reaper being happy about this fortune in his fortune cookie.

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RIP Prince


RIP Prince.  The words “It’s such a shame our friendship had to end” from Purple Rain is such a fitting sentiment.  Another childhood icon gone too soon.

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$15 Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage.  Everyone seems to have an opinion during this election cycle.  Bernie Sanders wants a $15 minimum wage.   Hillary Clinton says raise it to $12.  Cruz is completely against it.  John Kasich says let the states decide.  And Donald Trump has said both increase it and don’t increase […]

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Preparation Hillary T-shirt

  Preparation Hillary T-Shirt.  I thought this parody of the Preparation H box would make my readers who are fans of Hillary Clinton (any of you out there?) happy.  Clinton’s biggest threat in the Democrat nomination for President is Bernie Sanders. Bernie supporters are very mobile and vocal on social […]

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Save the Hall of Justice

One Cincinnati claim to fame is that Union Terminal is considered the inspiration for the Hall of Justice where the Superfriends managed their operations.  Union Terminal was built in 1933 much in the grandeur  of Union Station or Grand Central Station as a train depot.  As train travel diminished especially after […]

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