Vanessa Ives – Penny Dreadful

Vanessa Ives Penny Dreadful Cartoon

Vanessa Ives, played by Eva Green,  is a central figure in Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful” Series.  For those not familiar, the series puts all of famous monsters from literature (Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Werewolf, Dr Jekyll, Dracula) in Victorian London (yet in this season, the central characters have been pushed out to their […]

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Damian Lewis Billions


Damian Lewis is set to star in a new Showtime series called “Billions” next year.  Lewis (Homeland, Band of Brothers) plays Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund guru and Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Saving Private Ryan) plays Chuck Rhoades, the U.S. Attorney trying to bring Axelrod down.  I am looking forward to […]

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How Dexter Ended

9 24 13 Bearman Cartoons How Dexter Ended Cartoon

*** SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THE FINALE OF DEXTER ON SHOWTIME – SPOILER ALERT *** So today’s cartoon is in honor of the series finale of one of my favorite shows – Dexter.  For eight seasons on Showtime audiences have grown to […]

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What Would Dexter Do?

Today’s Editorial Cartoons started as one but as usual my better half disagreed so I created a second version and decided to run a poll among my readers to see your take.  First, I have to say that I am completely against vigilante justice and as pissed off as you […]

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Dexter T-shirt

So I finally posted a new t-shirt design after about 6 months to   One of my favorite shows is Dexter on Showtime.  Cafepress put out a call for shopkeepers to create designs promoting the series return on September 27. For those unfamiliar, Dexter stars Michael C. Hall (previously on […]

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