Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting me there are several FAQ’s that you might find the answer to below:

How do I become a BEARMANiac?

BEARMANiacs are those that are fans of Bearman Cartoons and show it by continuing to follow my blog, comment on my posts and spread the word about Bearman Cartoons.  Becoming a BEARMANiac is simple.

  • Have a link or banner on your website pointing back to Bearman Cartoons (
  • Comment 10 times via the blog, facebook, or reddit.  Then you are IN!
  • To keep your BEARMANiac status all you need to do is comment at least once every 2 weeks.


How do you pronounce BEARMANiac?

However you want.  I tend to say bear-man-ee-ack but bear-may-nee-ack would be ok too.


Can I Use Your Image?

The short answer is maybe. You can use it on a personal blog provided you follow these guidelines:

  • You cannot alter the image in any way.  That means you can’t remove the titling copyright or contact information.
  • You must include attribution that links back to or the specific post from which the image was originally listed.  Please DO NOT hotlink to the image on my site.
  • Contact me with a link to where the image is on your site.
  • For commercial sites, use in school/university materials, or non personal blogs, contact me and describe your usage and we can discuss rights.


I am offended by your comic.

Not a question but I’ll answer it anyway.  I try not to focus on the absurdity of people’s actions versus the absurdity of the person themselves.  But there are those who thrust themselves into the public spotlight exclaiming “look at me!!” and I do.  Sometimes it isn’t flattering what I see.  All of what I do is satire.

My satire can come in three forms.  Showcasing a belief of mine, showcasing a belief that isn’t mine but needs to be brought to light for discussion, showcasing a perspective that I may or may not believe in but again may need discussion.

What I find amazing is that my biggest critics for certain cartoons are my biggest supporters for others.  Which probably stems from…


Who the hell are you anyway?

I am a guy who lives in Cincinnati who likes to draw as hobby separate from my daily grind at work..  Most editorial/political cartoonists stand on one side of the political spectrum or the other.  The are always lobbing shots at the other side.  I am a moderate (more socially on the left and more fiscally on the right) who can see the absurdity of the divide and of both sides of the aisle.  This gives me more to work with and therefore, likely to offend and amuse the same person depending on the cartoon.


Can I Submit Guest Cartoons for you to Post on Beartoons?

Yes. I am always willing to accept editorial or pop culture guest cartoons. I am pretty liberal with what I will accept and if I post, I will provide due credit and link the post back to your own blog/site. All I ask is that you include our URL ( on your image. You retain all copyright to the image and I won’t use beyond posting on my site without your prior permission.

Additionally I do periodic calls for cartoon submissions surrounding a certain theme. Keep checking out my posts for them.


Do You do Freelance Work?

Yes.  Please contact me for pricing and other details.

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