How Dexter Ended


So today’s cartoon is in honor of the series finale of one of my favorite shows – Dexter.  For eight seasons on Showtime audiences have grown to love a serial killer with a code of ethics.  As horrible as he may have been, the writers continuously pit Dexter against even worse baddies forcing you to root for Dexter each season.   Of course nothing could ever top the fourth season and its finale starring John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer.    If all you know of Lithgow is his work in Third Rock from the Sun, then you will be even more creeped out about his run as a malicious serial killer and father.   So of course many fan sites are saying this was a weak season and quite a few are disappointed with the ending.


Some thought he should finally get the happiness he craved with Hannah, the first person to finally put something in Dexter’s heart beside his Dark Passenger.   Others thought he should have killed himself as he boats off into the eye of the Hurricane.   Many claim this was the weakest of all the seasons (I disagree as I think it was Season 6 with the exception of the last three episodes).   This was no Trinity Killer with my heart racing through half the episodes but it had some definite strengths and a couple weaknesses but those were limited to two plot points.

First, Hannah is a wanted fugitive and knows that there are people actively looking for her.  No hat, no haircut, no dye job?   Dexter producers, Scott Buck and Sara Colleton have an explanation here in this Entertainment Weekly article but it still didn’t make sense for Dexter not to at least buy her a wig.

Second, if nothing else Dexter learned in the fourth season that his inaction has just as many consequences as his actions.  Because he chose not to kill the Trinity Killer when he had the chance, it ultimately ended up in Rita being murdered.   Fast forward to this season and the same situation was put in front of Dexter with the Brain Surgeon.  Dexter’s inaction led to the Brain Surgeon ultimately being responsible for Deb’s death.

Outside of these points, the season did a good job of creating a sense of moving onward for many of the rest of the cast including Hannah finding out about Dexter’s “death” online while in Argentina.  Though I have to admit I was waiting for Masuka’s daughter to do something really crazy.

In the end, Dexter realizes that the only way to keep from hurting the ones he loves is to avoid human contact and move to where his interaction with others is limited.   So we see him in the final scene as a loner bearded lumberjack.   My wish is that if they ever make the series into a musical, my cartoon will be an inspiration and it ends with Dexter singing the famous “I’m a Lumberjack” song by Monty Python.

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  1. George Ford says:

    I’ve heard so much much from so many sources about how much the fans were disappointed and disgusted by this dismal season, and how they were downright depressed by the series’ finale. Personally, I haven’t watched Dexter faithfully since the second season, but I was dismayed to see such a reaction.

    Do I feel the same way? I dunno. I haven’t watch the last few seasons, although from what I’ve heard, things have gotten even more far-fetched and unbelievable. I’ll catch ’em all as soon as Netflix allows me free reign over the realm. 🙂

  2. lisleman says:

    A favorite song. I probably have seen 3 episodes years ago.

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    We don’t watch much television so I’ve not even heard of this show. Looks like I’ve not missed anything either. Too bad.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  4. Binky says:

    I’ve never seen Dexter, but Monty Python’s Flying Circus was a great show. And the lumberjack song is a classic.

  5. frigginloon says:

    I’m a big fan and did feel a tad let down by the whole lumberjack thing. Lumberjack? Really? With his skills hows about working in an abattoir or a research station in Antarctica? I was hoping it would end with him back to his old ways working in a police lab in Mexico and hunting down drug cartels. Robbed.

  6. Tim Green says:

    I kinda fell off the Dexter wagon a few years back,maybe I’ll catch up someday!

  7. Deb says:

    I’ve never seen Dexter, but want to see the show one day.
    Nice drawing as expected, Bearman!

  8. Bill Murphy says:

    I haven’t seen a single episode of Dexter but I was thinking of getting the series once it’s finished. Is the series finished now?

  9. Joseph says:

    I haven’t watched Dexter but I keep hearing about it (like Breaking Bad and sparkles in Twighlight) so maybe I should check it out sometime. Although I’m not into horror or killing. There’s too much of that in reality already.

  10. Mark Stokes says:

    He cuts down creeps, and eats his lunch! Bearman, you’ve always captured Dexter with such dexterity! Well done!

  11. I’ve never watched Dexter but love your cartoon!

  12. David Hurley says:

    Love the pic, but unfortunately I have never watched Dexter. 😉

  13. Nef says:

    Never watched the show either, but then again, how would I have time to post sooo many comics if I watched TV? *ba-da-bum!*

    No, seriously, how do YOU manage?

  14. Julian says:

    I never watch the show, but I have seen a lot of Monty Python. Love any comparison to that show!

  15. G.B. Miller says:

    If season 6 had to do with teaching someone how to be a serial killer when he was dealing with a powerful businessman, then yes, that was week.

    I thought with Dexter, Michael C. Hall really came into his own as an actor. While he was pretty decent in Six Feet Under, this was where he really stretched and showed his acting chops.

  16. Bo Lumpkin says:

    AGAC! (Ain’t Got A Clue) I thought Dexter made some kind of preppy shoes and why would anyone want to own a snake and if they did would they really name him Monty?
    Having no idea what this is all about has it’s rewards though because it gets the imagination started.
    I really think a reality TV show about a bunch of singing lumber jacks would be a big hit.
    Maybe instead of an unreality show you could sell the idea to Disney and they could do an animated musical with your character as the central figure. You could throw in a Sasquatch to attract the nut fringe, you could throw in some endangered wolves and owls to attract the tree huggers. Maybe a little romance to gain the chick flick watchers and an alien attack on the lumber camp for the sci-fi crowd.
    See…you already have the outline for a script…now just write it and draw about a million pictures for animation and you should have it ready by the weekend.

  17. Cuz I'm Joe says:

    I watched all the way through to the dismal end. The whole last season it was clear the writers did not have a clear direction. Funny, when we watched it I asked my wife if the writters were watching Monty Python and said “THATS IT”

    • Interesting because they writers say this has been in the works since they announced the end 2 years ago. It wasn’t the high intensity season you come to expect but it wrapped things up nicely IMO

  18. Jason Salas says:

    Never seen Dexter. I’ll have to watch the entire series then return to submit a sensible comment.

  19. jande says:

    I’ve heard of the show. I’ve had enough horror in my life that I don’t need to watch serial killers on TV. Er… If I HAD a TV.

    Love your lumberjack, Didn’t know trees could bleed like that though… ;`)

  20. Dave says:

    Since I don’t watch Dexter, I’ll just pretend that this is Tom Brady with a beard. Looks just like him. Great job! 🙂

  21. Gruhn says:

    I like the Lumberjack Dexter. Such a bad last year of writing and the worst guest star though, The John Lithgow year just ruined it for everyone else. So Dexter leaves his son with a killer on the run? Breaking bad is officially the best show ever. You still have time to watch all 5 years before Sunday’s final episode if you don’t care about sleep!

  22. Hey Bearman, thanks for interacting with me at G+
    I’m glad you post the funnies there it’s so convenient for me to catch them there. I usually have G+ running while I’m cartooning. I’m sure you know I still read them, even though I’m a slacker with comments etc. Just have too much going on with all the cartooning. Sorry my friend.

  23. Tony McGurk says:

    I love that song!!!

  24. Andro says:

    What a great song this one is, I could do the whole gig if you like? Hey maybe that would be a good video, but realistically after my Reefer interpretation I think that I will give it a miss, for everyone’s sake 🙂 lmao This is an awesome posting and your cartoon is brilliant Bearman 🙂 Have fun today…


  25. jynksie says:

    As long as he didn’t become a lumber jack in New Hampshire! I’ve never watched this show…. so I have no comment! [wink]

  26. Nate Fakes says:

    I’ve been busy as ever and FINALLY got a chance to swing by….and I couldn’t even read your post because I haven’t watched any of the last season yet. Dang it! I’ll be back……

  27. DadaHyena says:

    Did the blood on the axe come from…an EX-PARROT?!

  28. Hahaha… I don’t believe this… I’ve never seen it. Not a single episode! Go figure (since it’s one of your favorites) right?! Seriously… we need to do reviews. People would follow along just to see if we’ve both ever watched (and enjoyed) the same thing! I do love your work, though (as always)!

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