Robin the Hood Cartoon

Robin Hood is in the news this week because Robinhood the online “free commission and investing app” is in the news because a group of redditors got one over on big hedge funds looking to short the stock. For the uninformed this article has a great explanation of what shorting […]

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Election Fatigue Cartoon

So it is now November 4, 2020 and as expected neither President Trump nor Vice President Biden has locked in the Presidency for the next four years. So we wait, and argue, and wait and point fingers. Sigh.

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Yeezy Peasy

Editorial Cartoon showing President Donald Trump angry at the possibility of losing the youth and African American vote to Biden so he calls Kanye West to run for President.

When President Donald Trump needs a plan sometimes it comes to him Yeezy Peasy. Back in 2015 Kanye West stated at the MTV Music Awards that he would run for President of the United States in 2020. Five years later his good friend Donald Trump is President and the numbers […]

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The Unfiltered Truth about Hemorrhoid Surgery

Cartoon depicting two baboons with one without a big red butt claiming he wasn't a baboon at all. His big red butt was just hemorrhoids.

WARNING: This post is a unfiltered and at times graphic representation of hemorrhoids and the surgical process to get them removed. If you at all uncomfortable with frank language and bodily descriptions just look at the pretty picture and move on. What I am about to share is personal and […]

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Black Lives Matter Editorial Cartoon

Bearman Cartoons Black Lives Matter Cartoon White Privilege

The term “Black Lives Matter” seems to strum up very emotional feelings lately with the demonstrations and unrest related to the death of George Floyd. Since 2013 it has been used as a rallying slogan and yet there are those who either don’t see or refuse to see the meaning […]

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Coronavirus Emergency Funds

The three bits of advice when I first started working were: Live within your means If your company has a 401K, maximize it Work towards having an “Emergency Fund” of at least 6 months to pay rent, utilities, food etc just in case the worst happens. I, and many of […]

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Making that Coronavirus Paper Money


As of today the Coronavirus has done what no other foreign or domestic threat has done in over 100 years. Created so much fear that the markets are tanking, sporting events are being cancelled, and travel restrictions have been put in place. With all that regular folk are scrambling for […]

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Coronavirus with Lyme

Bearman Cartoon Coronavirus consumption

The world must be ending because the Coronavirus is all over the news and I am actually posting a cartoon. The Coronavirus may possibly be the next Swine Flu. The question is does drinking copious amounts of alcohol (Corona included) improve your chances of getting a virus or lower it? […]

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