The Cure for Baldness

10 17 13 Bearman Cartoons Castration is the Cure for Baldness

While reading a recent issue of Mental Floss Magazine, I came across a way to prevent men from losing their hair that has supposedly been known to work since the time of Aristotle.   CASTRATION.   So for those men who say they will do anything to keep their hair, […]

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Bald Men – Hairy Backs

Decided to change up some of my cartoons and experiment with different things.  Today’s cartoon was inspired by a friend of mine who is of course bald.  I don’t know if he has a hairy back or not but I can imagine. It seems as I grow older thankfully I […]

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Bald Men and Cleavage

Today’s cartoon is not, I repeat NOT based on my life.  I have a full head of green hair.  Rather it was told to me by a friend who luckily has the kind of head that can pull off baldness. I was out with the friend who told me this […]

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