Bearman Cartoon – Wind Farm

Bearman Cartoon Wind Farm Hazard for Birds

With the oil spill heading toward the coastline of Louisiana, the call for expansion of wind farms and the use of them as alternate energy streams already is getting loud.   Careful jumping in with both feet…especially if you are a bird.


UPDATE:  Check out the guest cartoon I did for Carlo Jose San Juan at Callous Comics.  Story of Riann Nicah a newly practicing physician.  Some get guardian angels; well she ended up with Cal, a guardian duck who is as new to the guardian position as Riann is to the medical field.   Great thing is, Carlo’s day job is a real physician specializing in nuclear medicine.  So not only does he shame me in the drawing world, he shames me in the real world too. 

And thank you Carlo for the mention of my charity challenge.  Want to get involved too?  Please click the pic below to find out how you can help with no cost to you.

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59 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon – Wind Farm”

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  1. FJ says:

    Bird mortality regarding wind farms is a big issue with avian biologists. Seems raptors are particularly venerable.

  2. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Ha… LOL.. Now not only do you have road kill but you have windkill but the buzzards will have to learn to fly under the props to get to their meals.

  3. nursemyra says:

    at least he didn’t lose his tail feathers…. he’s still got something to shake

  4. Tracy Brady says:

    You’re right, Bear.. there is so much stuff we’ve made that rocks our world.. but jacks up Mother Nature’s.

    • bearman says:

      If you have ever seen the “after humans” program on Discovery, you realize that mother nature is still stronger.

  5. jammer5 says:

    I predict birds will evolve radar systems to navigate the hazards. Either that or titanium edged wings, so they can cut through the props as they fly through 🙂
    BTW, cats, cars and buildings kill way more birds than windmills ever will, regardless of how many we build. Renewable energy: the way to go.

    • bearman says:

      I have heard that argument and don’t disagree. Yet I bet if we looked at it in percentages wind farms would win out esp when talking about endangered eagles and hawks.

      I’ll have to find the article but the Danish who were the early proponents of wind have actually cut back the number of wind farms due to unpredictability and it actually ended up being only surplus energy. Traditional energy consumption didn’t decrease.

      I am all for alternative energy but people shouldn’t rush into any and everything because of emotion from an oil spill. Solar power baby!

  6. MJ says:

    If we get enough wind farms will every city be called The Windy City?

    • bearman says:

      I think where the Friggin Loon lives is already known as the windy city…but not in a good way

      • Friggin Loon says:

        Yes, and so is under my sheets 🙁 .

        Hey Bearman, if they were really serious about windfarms, they would have electrified them and have an endless supply of cooked meat for the poor! Nothin like chewing on a crispy blue bird!

  7. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Maybe they ought to put them windmills around the halls of congress.

  8. Corve says:

    lol love this one. Any decision will affect someone and not making one will affect someone as well.

  9. Jande says:

    Painfully funny!

    Where will the windmills come from–what’s left of George Bush’s cranial cavity?

  10. I’ve got gas, although I tend to prevent it from becoming wind.
    I have no idea where that comment came from, but I do apologize profusely. Just one of those days, I guess! 🙂

  11. George says:

    I think I love your title for this comic most of all. 😀

    And nice work on the Callous guest-strip too!

  12. jill says:

    Birds will just have to wise up to the new kids on the block! No more flying around like they own the air. 🙂

  13. If the birds hit the props, they might damage them…


    • Bearman says:

      Actually I did read that bird shit slows down the blades and makes them less efficient so you are more right than you think.

  14. drewbie says:

    I passed through a wind farm on my way to Chicago a couple weekends ago. We saw a bird go down. It was neat, funny, and sad all at the same time.

    • Bearman says:

      Kind of like the squirrels who like to play dodge em with my car in my neighborhood. Maybe they were making a bird dare.

  15. DadaHyena says:

    Poor nature. Seems no matter how mankind progresses some species always wind sup suffering. Some scientist is going to invent a better shoelace and BAM!, all the elephants go extinct. It could happen.

  16. bschooled says:

    If it makes you feel any better Bearman, I’m sure you shame me in the real world…

  17. bschooled says:

    Ps. Fowl humor is really your thing…

  18. Chris W. says:

    Ouch. When does that oil spill reach shore, anyway?

  19. susispice says:

    hello permanent bad hair days hehe

  20. ridgekeeper says:

    What is insane is making people think that bird killing wind turbines will replace oil. That is just….STUPID. Only 2% of our electricity comes from OIL. ONLY 2%! The same people who think wind power will replace oil, must also think that wind turbines WORK. They produce very little electricity, despite spending millions PER turbine. And yes, they kill thousands of birds!

    If you want to continue your delusion about wind power, think of this…what if you STRIKE OIL when blasing to ram those turbines in beautiful mountain tops! Again, a fantasy, a delusion.

  21. Friggin Loon says:

    I hear Jammers was his own wind farm….in his pants! Blahahahahaa couldn’t resist 🙂

  22. Tony says:

    Maybe they need to build tunnels under the wind farms for the birds to fly through. Or cover them with large birdwire mesh cages. The wind generators that is, not the birds. Imagine a wire mesh covered bird trying to fly. Or they could run a “Windfarm by-pass shuttle bus service for them.

  23. bearman. i’ve been pulling myself out of the depths of depression again. going to try to blog more, it wouldn’t be hard to do more than i am. … i still love you though and cool that you’re doing the charity challenge again. i’ll see if i can blog a little something about it.

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