Bearman Cartoon: Brian Kelly to Notre Dame

So it looks as if University of Cincinnati Football Coach Brian Kelly is off to Notre Dame to be the head coach there.  For my overseas friends, that is American Football not Soccer. 

University of Cincinnati Football fans are in an uproar both at him leaving and what they consider his “lies” along the way.  I am sure if he told his players he was considering leaving that would have been great motivation going into the Pitt game. I say quit complaining.  If you were a 2-10 team, no one would care that he is leaving.  If not for him you wouldn’t be playing in a BCS bowl in the first place, so enjoy it.

Oh yeah and he will probably double his salary too…so who can blame him for that move either?

12 11 09 Bearman Cartoon Brian Kelly to Notre Dame
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  1. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Just in case anyone is interested I’m available for a head coaching job. Football or basketball, I know about as much about one as I do the other. They have to do more than double my salary though, 2×0 is still 0.

    You really got a lot of mileag out of the fingers didn’t you bearman?

  2. Susi Spice says:

    who is brian kelly?

    am i supposed to dig something with this??

    should … should i

  3. Brogan says:

    Yeah, it’s funny how an athlete or coach becomes a ‘bum’ when they change teams. Being a Phillies fan, I can remember when Scott Rolen was a fan favorite here…’til he went to the Cardinals, lol. Oh well…

  4. tannerleah says:

    As an Irish fan, thank you for selling BK to us. You can have Charlie in return if you are so inclined.

  5. frigginloon says:

    Come on Bearman, give us overseas people some credit, we know what American football is ! I love the Red Soxs!

  6. nursemyra says:

    I thought he coached the Indiana Hoosiers…. oh wait that was Brian Dennehy

  7. You’re such a well rounded Bear.

  8. NobblySan says:

    Over here in the land of ‘proper’ football, (not ‘soccer – never ‘soccer’), we are in the middle of open season for firing club (‘franchise’) managers (‘coaches’ to you guys).

    I always have to laugh at the disingenuous comments made by club chairmen and owners on such occasions….

    “Jim has beena great servant of the club for thr past three years, adn has achieved greta things working within tight financial constraints. However we feel that the time is right for a fresh approach. We wish him well.”

    Why can’t they just be honest? “Jim has been a fucking disaster. We haven’t been able to buy him out of contract for the past three years, during which time everything he has touched has turned to crap. The bloke is possibly the worst manager we’ve ever had, and has left us in deep shit. Eric, who runs the car park has been offered the job ona weekly contract, and we feel he do no worse than Jim did.”

    It’s also one of the few professions I know, where you can get fired for being bloody useless, and within hours have a queue of people forming to offer you a job at their club.

  9. Funny, though I would like a Notre Dame foam middle finger for my den. Any chance of you selling those?

  10. spilledinkguy says:

    Someone needs to make foam fists! Logo’s, etc. could be printed on the knuckles (prison ‘tat style) and then one could still hold onto various beverages. If they were so inclined. 🙂

  11. David says:

    Although I’m not a big sports guy I totally know what you mean. You’re always brilliant when you’re on the “right” team.

  12. jammer5 says:

    Being as how Notre Dame sucks, I guess it doesn’t matter who they hire 🙁 I can’t tell you how many times I look for a good football game on the tube, and ND’s hogging the airwaves.

  13. George says:

    You can’t hate a guy for trying to advance himself. Well, you can, but it’s not fair. 🙂

  14. i don’t think that ND is a good fit for Brian Kelly in any case. He did a good job in Cincy, but I feel a big let down again. Notre Dame needs a defensive mind at head coach and Kelly is certainly not the answer there. I love the Big East like the next person, but Notre Dame is that elite job that takes something more to thrive in. I’m not sure if Kelly is up to it.

    • Hey Aurie…thanks for visiting.

      I think Kelly will do more than Charlie did. Will they be a national championship team maybe not but at least they can possibly get back into the rankings.

      I love how Kelly now says that if it were for the National Championship he would have told ND that he was coaching UC in the game.

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