Vanity License Plate using Photoshop

So I am doing some remodeling and one of the things I was never happy with were my social links at the bottom. Here they are for your enjoyment one last time.


I thought about something that was more consistent. I played around with a bunch of different options and then I found a cool tutorial from PSHERO that shows you how to use Photoshop (George) to create your own Vanity License Plate. I thought it would be cool to test it out for a while as my social bookmark links.

Here is what I came up with. (Does lose something when you decrease the size but I’ll keep it until I come up with something new)

Please Click Here to Tweet This Blog PostPLEASE CLICK HERE TO DIGG THIS POSTPlease Click Here to Add Blog Entry to StumbleUpon

Now the questions are:

1. Do you ever actually click on anyone’s (mine especially) social bookmark links?
2. For my cartoons I tend to put these three Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon as the highlighted bookmarks and then use a tool called GetSocial (great for users) to put the bar at the bottom with a whole bunch. If you are prone to click on social bookmark links are there some you tend to use more than others? (ie facebook)?
3.ย  Are the new ones too big or in your face??

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  1. BOOYA.

    you were a day early and a dollar short.

    new post has arrived.

  2. Your gonna be rich off your talent. These are lovely.

  3. Susi Spice says:

    i dont even know what those things do….

    • Here is what they do. When I post a cartoon or something and they are there just click it.

      That was the short answer.

      If you have a Twitter account and you click the Tweet one, it will automatically create a post for you in twitter.
      Digg (which you may have to have an account) and StumbleUpon are kind of popularity sites. You click it if you like something. The more clicks, then the more people will be exposed to my post potentially.

  4. yorksnbeans says:

    I like them, but I can’t click on them?

  5. Susi Spice says:

    they arent working bearman, when i click them nothing happens…

  6. frigginloon says:

    Geez Bearman, enough with the dandruff already . One friggin chunk nearly knocked my “f” over!!!!

    Hmm, well I won’t be clicking yours if they don’t friggin work!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hate having to log in when I click them. I never remember my friggin passwords for starters. They need to improve the time wasting aspect for it to work. We are busy people Bearman ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it could be a conspiracy!!!

  7. MidwestMom says:

    I use them to Retweet and Stumble I like them very much:-)

  8. 1. Sometimes. I follow you on twitter
    2. I use facebook
    3. I actually think they are very subtle. I like them.

  9. Susi Spice says:

    i pressed them…. is it supposed to be doing nothing?

  10. frigginloon says:

    Yeah Bearman, nothin happens ๐Ÿ™

  11. tannerleah says:

    What’s the point of having them if they don’t work. I got all excited…for nothing. Do you give your kids empty boxes for Christmas?

  12. Danica says:

    I sometimes click on yours or other people’s social bookmark links (usually Delicious or Twitter). Most times, I just use the bookmarklet buttons in my browser. Delicious is my personal favourite for social bookmarking.

    I like the new buttons. A change is usually good. But of course, it’s ultimately up to you whether to keep them or not. I was happy with the old ones, btw. Unique to your site only.

    I’m gonna check out that GetSocial thing. Thanks for linking.

  13. Bo Lumpkin says:

    AGAC. Ain’t Got A Clue. Well I’ve got a clue. I try to click on some of these things and sometimes they do something and sometimes they don’t.
    I thinkin’ of registering on twitter but I really don’t know what I am doing and then when I learn, at my age you sometimes forget.
    What were we discussing again?

  14. Nate Fakes says:

    Very nice. I would want one for my car, but the Stumble one might send my Mazda off a cliff.

  15. yorksnbeans says:

    It’s snowing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Dan Long says:

    I like them, and prefer them. To answer your question, I never click on social share stuff, mainly because I don’t have Digg or SU accounts, etc. I don’t even know how they work.

  17. George says:

    The new plates look nice! Did you make those in Sing-Sing? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. G says:

    Pretty cool.

    Although I don’t click on links per say, but I will occasionally search people out on Facebook to see if they’re interesting in friending me.

  19. Donald Mills says:

    I’ve been clicking on the damned things for the better part of an hour now Bearman and I haven’t heard a single tweet. I think you need to turn up the volume. I’ll keep at it, though, lad.

    The look good. I like the consistent approach. I never use the buttons. I’ve never tried twitter and really have no idea about stumbling, digging, redditing or anything else.

  20. I don’t use those social networks, but have nothing against them. The car plates work though.

  21. bschooled says:

    The plates are uber-cool, Bearman.

    I don’t understand the whole Digg thing, maybe you could do a post explaining it to me?

  22. John K says:

    nice… I’m gonna have to check this out!

  23. I don’t use any of the social network stuff as I am more than a tadge antisocial. However, the ‘number plate’ buttons look very clean, simple and almost inviting enough to push (I know, coming in this late, these feckers are examples not live, duuhhhh, we brits ain’t that stupid, well apart from…)
    My ‘morning ward round’ of regular blogs takes me about an hour, longer when Loon and Duncan haven’t copied each other, and is my bestest way to start the day. I have found some fascinating places to call on, many from links in what others call blogroll or some such. Perhaps in need to post up my list to support what I consider to be good stuff?


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