Trump Pence – Make America Crap Again

Donald J Trump has decided that Indiana Governor Mike Pence should be his Vice Presidential candidate.  Much like no one checking Melina’s speech before it was delivered at the convention for potential issues regarding plagiarism of Michelle Obama, did no one think that Trump Pence could be shortened to TP […]

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Santa’s Home Security

Oh you better watch out!!!  Santa is coming!!  You know he sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake.  Sounds like the creepiest stalker I have ever heard of.  So what better way to commemorate the creepiest stalker in the world than put his cartoon image on […]

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Preparation Hillary T-shirt

  Preparation Hillary T-Shirt.  I thought this parody of the Preparation H box would make my readers who are fans of Hillary Clinton (any of you out there?) happy.  Clinton’s biggest threat in the Democrat nomination for President is Bernie Sanders. Bernie supporters are very mobile and vocal on social […]

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Oktoberfest T-shirt

Oktoberfest Grab Your Sausage and Have Fun Tshirt

New Oktoberfest t-shirt design for 2014.  I decided that my very first tshirt design needed an update for 2014.  So here it is along with other holiday designs.  So when it is time for Oktoberfest whether in Munich or Zinzinnati (Cincinnati), it is time to “Grab Your Sausage and Have Fun”  Because […]

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Just One Bad Century Tshirt

Have you ever had a bad day? What about a bad century? If you are a Chicago Cubs fan you probably have had both. Something about a goat and a curse and the once perennial winners can’t buy a baseball championship. So some “fans” got together to poke fun at […]

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Chromecast Giveaway

  WINNER UPDATE:  Congratulations to the winner Randy McCumber.   I’ll be contacting you for address info.   Google came out with a new Chromecast streaming dongle.  I got two and am giving one away.  Just comment below and I’ll give one away on Sunday.  Make sure your correct email […]

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When Food Goes Bad

When Food Goes Bad by Bearman Cartoons

It is interesting how one thing inspires the next.   Thinking about smells in my last post got me thinking about when food goes bad.  Which of course drove an image of a gang of bad food, which of course led that group of a moldy steak, cracked egg, and sour […]

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Less Hair – More Head Tshirt

  You may recall this post announcing my Dave Stern’s book, The Balding Handbook.   Well Dave has finally made available the tshirt design I did for him now available here for $15 Trust me I took the phrase “Less Hair, More Head” way differently than Dave did but he […]

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Gourmet Popcorn Giveaway

Pattys Popcorn Giveaway Bearman cartoons

Popcorn Giveaway.  My wife and I are regular visitors to a store in our area.   Patty’s Old Fashioned Popcorn.   Gourmet Popcorn, homemade fudge and Hawaiian Ice all are good reasons to go but even more are the owners, Pat and Randy. So who better to put on a […]

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Battery Hog Tshirt

So you know what I did last night.  I drew.  Not because I had to or felt an obligation to but because I wanted to.  One of the things I wanted to do was beef up my tshirt shop and start doing more designs. This Battery Hog was inspired by […]

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