Arrested Development Ratings

5-28-13-Bearman-Cartoon-Arrested Development Ratings Perception vs Reality

So the new season of Arrested Development has finally streamed on Netflix to what appears to be heavy streaming of the new episodes, disappointment from critics, and a stock tumble because reception of the fourth season wasn’t as good as expected.  I will be honest, I remember when the show […]

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Why Editorial Cartoons Have no Shelf Life

So the above is a reason why Editorial Cartoonists can’t create a buffer of cartoons to keep on hand to post at a time when they have nothing else to post or are busy with real life.  I created this one right after the Cincinnati Reds won the National League […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Brian Kelly to Notre Dame

So it looks as if University of Cincinnati Football Coach Brian Kelly is off to Notre Dame to be the head coach there.  For my overseas friends, that is American Football not Soccer.  University of Cincinnati Football fans are in an uproar both at him leaving and what they consider […]

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