Bearman Cartoon: Celebrity Death Panel 6

If you missed the beginning of our story…go here first.

And the final episode of Celebrity Death Panel…

8 24 09 Bearman Cartoon DeathPanel6 copy

Originally I had in mind that Graham Reaper would be Sarah Palin trying to make money off “Death Panels” like Al Gore does off of Carbon Credits.  But then I figured you all needed something to do for two weeks while I am gone.  Just like the books when you were a kid where you chose the ending, I am asking the frequent commenters and lurkers of to comment on who they think the character should be and what he or she is saying.

So I am calling out those who I see coming here from other sites and especially those who don’t comment.  Jeff Jena and his conservative friends at Big Hollywood.  Rhino and his Libertarian friends at the DailyPaul.  Jammer get the Prairie Progressives to chime in.  Even the 2012 conspiracy news guys need to put down their Playboy Magazines and chime in.

It can either be someone you don’t like or someone you do…

Here is the only thing I ask. If you want to comment beyond offering up the suggestion of the identity of Graham Reaper and what he/she should be saying…BE CIVIL. This site is about the funny. I am leaving comments open while I am gone so let’s all get along.

Once I get back, I’ll pick the most popular or the one that I find funniest and draw it as the actual final panel of this series.

Note 1 – I haven’t left you completely without something new to look at while I am gone the next couple weeks. Thursday as I have a series of great toonists lined up to share with us either what they think they will look like or their cartoon character will look like at age 100. I’ll have a new one every two days.

Note 2 – Check out the story arc of the possible demise of the Frustrated Cartoonist as Nate Fakes hits the big time.

Note 3 – Congratulations to George Ford on his one year Anniversary of the online comic Addanac City. After doing six toons in a row, I have new respect for all of you who hold down a full time job and still can crank out 3-7 new cartoons every week.

I’ll be around to comment on Wednesday and Thursday morning but after that, you have to talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. frigginloon says:

    You know Bearman I am going to say Kim Jong Il (I can’t help myself!). But if I were to pick someone U.S. of A-ish I would have to look back to ghosts of politicians past and pick Dan Friggin Quayle, the phlebitis sufferer. He could even whip out his “poverty of values” speech, though this time I would skip the old Murphy Brown comments and maybe focus more on Will and Grace. Anywho I think he could well and truly ostracize half the population and deny them medical access on the grounds of ‘lifestyle choice.'”

  2. Nate Fakes says:

    Is it….Mr. T?

    Hey, that’s for the “Note 2” up there! Your flattery will get you somewhere! It could get ugly over at TFC, or maybe they’ll break out into a dance number?

  3. jammer5 says:

    I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman»

    – Arnold Schwarzenegger

    See, I’m back already . . . again.

  4. jammer5 says:

    I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa. Do I look better bald, or without hair?

    — Britney Spears

  5. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I think the host should be Elvis. He was a big celebrity, he is dead, and he has been seen more since he died than any other celebrity, plus He still has millions of fans.

  6. frigginloon says:

    How about Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep and didn’t know where to find them!
    Come in spinner!

  7. Sheila Deeth says:

    Oh, it has to be Sarah. “I’ll be back.”

  8. womaninblack says:

    Slightly left of centre here, but could it be my old geography teacher? He reaped hours of my life I’ll never get back and hit my friend over the head with a tennis racket because she argued with him about the value of the American million.
    For drawing purposes, he looked like a cross between Hitler and Gollum.

  9. G says:

    This one will be a toughy……

    For starters, how bout Vince McMahon?

  10. MidwestMom says:

    How about Brent Favre “Here I thought Playing for the Minnesota Vikings was hard enough first I Had to pass a Physical now I have to Pass the Death Panel, I’m too old for this stuff”..!!!

  11. Tony says:

    I was gunna say Michael Jackson making his big comeback but someone above beat me to it.

  12. Susi Spice says:

    how about … Ryan Seacrest?
    “and on tonight’s show we will see the two finalist … who will win? who will get to live?… lets find out tonight on….. AMERICAN …DEATH FANEL!”

    Or Ellen Degeneres…
    “i love you guys.. i love you guys so much …. surprise! you get a liver!!!!! kindly donated by the slumdog kids of India…now watch me dance…wooooo”

    Or Mary Hart (ET)
    “hi im Mary Hart and tonight on DP we find out the reasons for John-Nobody wanting to continue his miserable unentertaining life by getting a face transplant *insert insecere laugh* or shall we give it to my good friend Mickey Rourke who thinks I have the best legs of any DP presenter… ”

    Or George Costanza
    “this death panel… is making me thristy!!”

    • Someone watches too much American TV…haha

      • missopinion says:

        you bearmancartoons should have thought my suggestions were awesome! and I was trying to modify my answer to suit the majority of your audience and the purpose of the death panel since it wouldnt make sense for say… Mahmoud Armedinjahd to be the one since he would just sit back and refuse ALL of your people any treatment haha
        that and americans have an international reputation (that you cant deny) and notorious for not really knowing anything outside of their little world so what would have been the point of not submitting american comments 😛

        damn it i want some praise for my efforts! they were great!

  13. yorksnbeans says:

    I can’t think of anyone right now, Bear. But, wherever you’re going, have a great time!! We’ll miss you! 🙂

  14. Donald Mills says:

    George Hamilton – for no reason other than he seems to turn up everywhere and I’d like to see how you illustrate him.

  15. Lynn says:

    i dunno i dunno—i cant think like you all do…i’m at a loss for words… it’s so much pressure. i got o think on it.

  16. missopinion says:

    i have some more! intenational flavour:

    Austin Powers “YEAH BABY YEAH… Get that chemo…”

    Queen ELizabeth “no……. i dont think we will be allowing that”

    Gordon Ramsay “Are you F&*^%(g serious!? F&*&(&G joke I tell ya. No i wont F&*&*( **&^% **()**^&^& &&***… yeah?”

    Nicolas Sarcozy “oh.. oui… per’aps we should a… go to my office and discuss sis oveh a glass of wine…”

  17. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I have three new nominees, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Dr. Kevorkian, or possibly Judge Judy. I think any of them would work out.

  18. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Scuse me ya’ll, but I just had a brain spasm. There are a lot underused characters out there (I have a few in Gatorhead) that need a good gig. Maybe Bear ought to be taking resume’s.

  19. Oh yes, Dan Quayle would be great! haha

  20. Tony says:

    What about Ronald Reagan
    “Hi Ummm… I am sure I was on this show for some reason… Ummm… If only I could remember… Nancy!!! Nancy!!!”

  21. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Gatorhead exists mostly in my mind but the characters are on my blog.

  22. Bo Lumpkin says:

    This whole death panel thing has messed up my thinkin’. I can’t concentrate on my own stuff because I keep thinkin’ about the celebrety host. Maybe you ought to have a game show to select the host but then you would have to have someone to host the game show and you would have to decide who that would be. There are plenty of candidates for that. Regis Philbin, Bob Barker, Howie Mandel, Pee Wee Herman (just threw him in) or Drew Carey who doesn’t seem to care if the price is right or not. Maybe you could use the panel from American Idol to select the celebrity host.

    Just thinkin’

  23. After many years entertianing young children, MICKEY MOUSE had reached his breaking point. HE is the cornerstone and chief executioner on the board of death. Taking out his pent up hatred with mankind on the Senior Citizens. His darkness grows with each soul he sentences to death with an evil high pitched laugh.


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