Bearman Cartoon: Susan Boyle

It seems even more people are enamored with Susan Boyle in the States than in Britain where she is competing in Britains Got Talent.    Got to thinking what could stop her.   Could it be people’s natural instinct to root for the underdog.  Now that she is the favorite, does that put her in a spot?

Now Bill at Comics I Don’t Understand might get on me for such an old reference, but on this side of the pond anyone over 20 probably knows about Nancy Kerrigan taking a hit in the knee from Tonya Harding’s then husband Jeff Gillooly and his friends.  Is the reference too old?

5 25 09 Bearman Cartoon Susan Boyle Britains Got Talent copy

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  1. georgecomics says:

    Hey, I got it right off the bat. Or is that, right off the crowbar…?

  2. George says:

    The reference is still good. Or either, I’m just old.

  3. yorksnbeans says:

    Got it!! I guess I’m old. 😉

  4. yorksnbeans says:

    Hey, how do I get an avatar?? This is the only blog where I’m a Pillsbury doughboy!

    • I think that is the default I have set up. Others probably have some random thing. I noticed you have blogger but on your own blog you get the doughboy too. I think once you upload a avatar to your blog it should show up here as well b/c of open id.

      See “GeorgesComic” comment below with how to do it.

  5. G says:


    And you’re right, most people (except for your readers) won’t get it. Let’s hope if she ever gets on SNL it won’t turn out like Kerrigan’s appearance (flat, flat, lame, sucked, horrible).

  6. georgecomics says:

    yorksnbeans: Sign up for one at using the e-mail address you enter to post comments. Any website that uses Gravatars (which is most [all?] WordPress blogs, plus many more) will then show your avatar!

    • Yenta B. says:

      I just did it! Thanks! Although, it’s still not on my blog. Why do you think that is?

  7. So given all of your comments, either the reference is good or all of you are old.

  8. Yenta B. says:

    Why is it saying Yenta B.?

  9. Yenta B. says:

    I need to look into that!

  10. yorksnbeans says:

    How do I change the name and have it linked to my blog? I have looked all over the gravatar site and I can’t find out how to do it.

  11. yorksnbeans says:

    Now it’s doing it. I never changed anything. Very weird.

  12. ohhh colorful avatar!!!

  13. nursemyra says:

    I even remember the Louden Wainwright song about it

  14. Nate Fakes says:

    Lol. I remember that incident soo well! It was always parodied in EVERYTHING, but this puts a great twist on it – again! Love it

    • Hmmm…I must cater to two different audiences. I post things here and people love it. So either you do or you are all too nice to say what you really think. I can take it if sometimes I am off the mark.

      Check out the comments I got here

      • George says:

        Wow! Y’all rough out in Cincinnati.

        I think it is a different degree of audience. Around here, we’re looking to be entertained and we know you deliver the goods. I guess it’s the difference of being a comedian going on Saturday Night Live and then doing the same routine at Folsom. You may get a whole ‘nother reaction.

        Keep doing you and keep submitting your stuff wherever you want. Whether it’s perceived as good or bad, you did prompt someone to comment. You made them feel something. They’ll like the next one. If not, tell ’em this:

        Click here for more Addanac-City-Comics Graphics!


        • George says:

          There’s supposed to be an image up there. Maybe there is. It won’t show up on my computer for another week or so. 🙂

          • Crap I couldn’t get it to work either. But I saw the link. I think it was the “I love you” one you were referring to. ha ha

          • George says:

            I thought the lil’ pics I had of “Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m Beautiful” or “Keep Hatin’ ” would show up. They would’a been perfect to antagonize your detractors with.

      • cbabin says:

        Wow Bearman … I read those comments. The people of Cincinnati don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor. They’re probably still upset over the cancellation of WKRP! Now that’s an old reference!

        • Baby, if you ever wondered. wondered whatever became of me. I’m living on the air in Cincinnati, cincinnati WKRP. Thanks for getting that in my head.

  15. That is funny! Looks just like Susan Boyle. She is awesome. Anyone who knows about the whole Harding/Kerrigan incident will never forget it. That was low, don’t know what she was thinking as far as how she thought she was going to get away with that. Harding is on the E channel as a commentary person and every time I see her I think of poor Nancy.

  16. PS Thanks for the correction. I fixed it.

  17. alantru says:


    That is all I have to say. Wait. Also….


  18. I’m with Alan on this one…very funny. Nice work Bearman

  19. Wow, that other thread was way too harsh on you Bearman. I’m joining the old crowd. I got the references on first glance.
    I got the WKRP reference too.
    I’m going to go read Don Mills’ posts now so I feel younger.

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