Damn Confusing French Words


Those damn confusing Middle French words will screw you up every single time. Duvet – (origin Middle French) noun 1. a usually down-filled quilt, often with a removable cover; comforter.   Bidet- (origin Middle French) noun 1. a low, basinlike bathroom fixture, usually with spigots, used for bathing the genital and perineal areas. (Source)   In getting […]

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Oktoberfest T-shirt

Oktoberfest Grab Your Sausage and Have Fun Tshirt

New Oktoberfest t-shirt design for 2014.  I decided that my very first tshirt design needed an update for 2014.  So here it is along with other holiday designs.  So when it is time for Oktoberfest whether in Munich or Zinzinnati (Cincinnati), it is time to “Grab Your Sausage and Have Fun”  Because […]

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Charles Ramsey – Hero of Cleveland

Charles Ramsey Caricature Cleveland Hero Bearman Cartoons

Sometimes a caricature just comes together quick as in the case of Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey.  He was the neighbor of the guy that kept three women captive in Cleveland for 10 years.   So I figured he deserved his own cartoon tribute along with this classic line he told […]

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2013 Charity Challenge Week 1 Results

2013 Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge Week 1 Results copy

Week one of the Charity Challenge is rocking.  Thanks to all who have been involved.  If you want to get involved, since it goes through the end of the month, please go here for more information. Include “Bearman” in a webcomic or Bearman Fan Art – $10 Kim Belding of […]

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Battery Hog Tshirt

So you know what I did last night.  I drew.  Not because I had to or felt an obligation to but because I wanted to.  One of the things I wanted to do was beef up my tshirt shop and start doing more designs. This Battery Hog was inspired by […]

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WWE 3MB AKA Ginger Mac-Hal

  Today’s cartoon poster once again is for the wrestling fans out there.  I know many of my regular readers aren’t into wrestling but as I have said before I find it funny that people will trace my poster images and I will see them on live WWE events in […]

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How to Operate a Dual Flush Toilet

You would think today’s cartoon has nothing to do with Australia.  But you would be wrong.  In an effort to conserve water, dual flush toilets have been installed in a whole bunch of places including all the hotels we stayed in.  Some, unfortunately, didn’t work as well as others. For […]

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I love Kangaroo

So once again today’s cartoon was based in some semblance of truth.  One of my top 3 things we did was visit the Australian Zoo (aka the Steve Irwin Zoo).  Because of liability and stupid people, you don’t have the same level of interaction with animals in the U.S. as […]

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Guest Cartoon: Stef Marcinkowski

Stef Marcinkowski of the web graphic novel Sarah Zero, surprised me with this parody send up of Metallica’s album cover from “Master of Puppets”.     The original can be found on Wikipedia Check out Stef’s blogpost that describes his process.   FIFTEEN HOURS, yes I said 15 hours to […]

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Social Media Copywrong

Today’s cartoon was inspired by some conversations I have been seeing more and more from cartoonists and graphic designers bemoaning the practice of companies who crowdsource graphic work.   The process of crowdsourcing is where a company invites anyone and everyone to submit graphic/cartoon work but only choose one or […]

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