Editorial Cartoon: Obama and Romney Censor Reporters

The Cartoonist Studio Editorial Cartoon Contest continues and I made it to week SIX!  Thanks to all for voting.  Click the image above or here to go to the voting.  You should do a search of “Bearman” and my cartoon will come up front and center and then vote.  Some people were clicking the link and then accidentally voting on the first thing that popped up.  Unfortunately no way to direct link to my cartoon.  Again, as long as I stay in the contest, there will be two editorial cartoons a week to vote on – Mondays and Thursdays.   Oh and you can vote multiple times in each round if you want (resets every six hours) until EOD Saturday.


Today’s editorial cartoon was inspired by an article in the New York Times, that said that in exchange for access to the candidates or their campaign advisors, the media/reporters must provide any on the record quotes to the campaigns to censor or redact.   So essentially if I am a reporter for the Times, in order to be able to talk on the record with either candidates advisors, I have to agree to send them the quotes I want to use in my story and allow them to agree to them, remove them completely or just remove certain words.  Any reporter that fails to do so is left out in the cold when it comes to top level meetings including those with the candidates.

WHAT??  Ridiculous.  At the point that an entity can determine the course of a story it is no longer reporting, it is PR!!!  Shame on any media outlet who agrees to abide by these rules.



Normally I would post this cartoon as a regularly scheduled update.  But since I am in the middle of the editorial cartoon contest, I didn’t think it would fit in.  But sharing it with you anyway given the timing of the latest Batman movie coming out “The Dark Knight Rises”  Of course I had to go there with the title – Erectile Dysfunction.

Bearman Cartoon The Dark Knight Rises Erectile Dysfunction

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78 Responses to “Editorial Cartoon: Obama and Romney Censor Reporters”

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  1. Red says:

    Gotta love a twofer 😉

  2. The Batman gag’s amazing. Very funny. 8)

  3. Love the batman comic. 🙂

  4. It has never been a secret that the media spins things they the way they feel like it. It is a shame that reporting has become more of a stage for propaganda than anything else.

  5. Christina says:

    Batman definitely seems like he is always overcompensating for something…

  6. Bearman i just love your cartoons so much…am voting on each one..not just cos i know you but also cos they are the best
    Big hugs 🙂

  7. jynksie says:

    …. that woman being a tad “catty”, no?!? meow! [grin]

    Good one B!

  8. Jande says:

    At the point that an entity can determine the course of a story it is no longer reporting, it is PR!!! Shame on any media outlet who agrees to abide by these rules.
    Totally agree, Bearman! Also thought the Flatman cartoon was funny, but I think you outdid yourself on the editorial cartoon. Well done!

    • Bearman says:

      Thanks. I was actually going to use that quote as part of a toon between a reporter and their editor but this worked better.

  9. Jande says:

    I neglected to add that I liked it so much I went ahead and created an account on theCartoonistStudio.com and voted for it.(the sacrifices I make for my friends and colleagues!) ;`) I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I didn’t realise that the contest was going to be ongoing like this, or I would have signed up sooner. Maybe.

    • Bearman says:

      I have only been screaming from the rooftops for the last 5 weeks.. haha

      But honestly, I know it is a pain when they make you sign in to vote and I thank you and every single person that does.

      • Jande says:

        I know you have been, but at my age 5 weeks is the blink of an eye. ;`) I think I even missed your last update. I’ll go look at it now.

  10. George says:

    Yay! Bearman broke us off with a Two-For-Thursday Deal! I love it!

    The bad part about the first cartoon, is that plenty news organizations are gonna accept those terms for propaganda just to gain favor from whatever political party ends up winning.

    Everything feels like it’s rigged now and that the outcomes are already determined. Real life has been turned into an orchestrated reality show now.

    • Bearman says:

      The bad part is that once one outlet does it, others will fall in line.

      True, Candidates manipulate the media and the media manipulates us.

  11. Deb says:

    Love the both yours and the batman comic! 🙂

  12. Comedy Plus says:

    Poor Batman. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  13. starla says:

    I agree with Red “Gotta love a twofer”
    I got my vote in! Great political cartoon. The one good thing about blogs and blogs with political cartoons is that it gives people a platform and a voice to speak out even when the emperor still has no clothes.

    • Bearman says:

      But sadly people are afraid to jump in the fray some times b/c they are worried about being judged. That is why Batman went over way better on Google plus than the political cartoon.

  14. Yep, it’s all about controlling the message and the media. Is it any wonder Cable TV news is nearly useless to inform?

  15. Mark Stokes says:

    Freedom of the Don’t Press Your Luck.

    The Darkknight Dud-tective.

  16. The access thing is a REALLY bad precedent!

    Oh well… It’s a good thing that Bruce Wayne has a ton of cash… he’ll need some hush money to keep his…um… issue… quiet!

  17. lisleman says:

    Glad you did the bonus cartoon. I like it much better than the politics. It’s only mid-summer and I’m sick of politics.

  18. Tyler says:

    Batman really has no fear if he’s willing to be with that chick! I’d have stuck with Anne Hathaway!

  19. Binky says:

    Green sheet? Are you really Batman and not Bearman?

  20. Friggin Loon says:

    Catwoman is ugly without her mask!!!! I suspect Dark Knight only rises for Robin 😉

  21. DadaHyena says:

    That Obama’s a real cut-up! Wokka wokka!

  22. Tony McGurk says:

    Censoring the media in this way is disgraceful. The politicians may as well just write the articles themselves. Looks like the caped crusader isn’t the man we thought he was. I always like to point out on Batman posts that as far as I know he is the only superhero without super powers. Can’t fly, can’t see through brick walls, can’t perform incredible feats of strength. Can’t perform anything impressive by the looks of it…

  23. Scott says:

    Very clever!

    I hadn’t heard that story–what happened to freedom of the press?

  24. Cut a big enough hole in that paper and together they’ll achieve 100% transparency. Right?!

  25. Chris K says:

    Early to bed, early to.. uh.. I guess not.

  26. Lynn says:

    I voted! (Sorry never saw the Dark Knight so I can’t comment responsibly) 🙂

  27. Nef says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that freedom of press was threathened and that it was a disgrace…

    As for political content, this is your comic and your website, so you should feel free to take it where you want to. Most people want things to remain as they are because they are familiar with them, but once they taste the new flavor, most end up liking it.

    If you don’t take your project in the direction that you want to take it, you may end up getting tired of it, and what would the world be without you?

  28. DrFaust says:

    could be an awesome spin off porn. The nemesis could be the “Poker”

  29. Androgoth says:

    Holy Ramrod Batman
    can’t you at least
    make an effort? 🙁

    Great Toon Bearman 🙂


  30. Drake says:

    Haha the batman cartoon is gold! Good job with that one 🙂


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