Is there a Correlation between Social Media Followers and Website Pageviews?


Is there a correlation between the number of social media followers a person or brand has and the amount of visitors and pageviews that it generates on their websites?  The short answer – NO!  Well at least for me. Scott Jenkins and I were passing emails back and forth last […]

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Anti Social Media Cartoon


Ever get that WTF face when checking out Facebook or Google Plus like in today’s cartoon?   I do.  It is annoying as hell on Facebook because those are my “friends” I am commenting on their posts so it isn’t like I can dump them without hurt feelings.   Though […]

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Share This Post Or Else

99 percent of you will not reshare this post

There is an interesting trend that I have been seeing lately on social media.  People trying to draw attention to good causes like Cancer/Bullying but while doing so, actually bullying others to share the post. Typically the post will finish with words like “Share this if you don’t support Bullying” […]

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Takei – Definition

Seems actor George Takei isn’t just famous for his stellar acting on Star Trek.   He has parlayed his celebrity into appearances on the Howard Stern show and is something of a Social Media icon – especially on Facebook.   And several times from an unmentioned cartoonist friend of ours. […]

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Social Media Pariah

I have said before that as an artist, it can be frustrating to spend several hours on a piece of work that gets ignored or little attention on social media but I can toss up a picture of my cat and it get tons of attention.   So today’s cartoon […]

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Social Media Copywrong

Today’s cartoon was inspired by some conversations I have been seeing more and more from cartoonists and graphic designers bemoaning the practice of companies who crowdsource graphic work.   The process of crowdsourcing is where a company invites anyone and everyone to submit graphic/cartoon work but only choose one or […]

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Social Media and Cats

And the Caption Contest Winner is – ME!! And all of you who agreed with me that cats getting attention on social media is the bane of existence for someone posting something they actually spent time on. And the inspiration was this picture of our cats, playing on the ipad […]

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I Hate Social Media Cartoon (Caption Contest)

Cartoon Caption Contest time.  You need to help me complete the words that best go into the third panel.  While I posed this as a cartoonist I think we can all relate to posting things online only for them to get ignored while other crap gets a bunch of attention. […]

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Why Google Plus is better than….

So it is no secret that I have been somewhat neglecting my friends on facebook, twitter, etc because my time on social media has been taken up by Google Plus.  While it of course has some limitations I wish they would work out sooner rather than later, the above cartoon […]

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