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99 percent of you will not reshare this post

There is an interesting trend that I have been seeing lately on social media.  People trying to draw attention to good causes like Cancer/Bullying but while doing so, actually bullying others to share the post.

Typically the post will finish with words like “Share this if you don’t support Bullying” or “99% of you won’t share this to fight Cancer”.  In both cases it causes those who don’t share to feel bad about their decision.  So if I don’t share it, then I a support Bullying or I don’t want to fight Cancer??  So the other day I decided to create a quick graphic that poked fun at these type of posts.  As you can see from above, there really is no content to share, but I included a reason why you should share nothing.

99.9% of you will not reshare this.  I wonder how you look yourself in the mirror you soulless Jerk?

Originally, when I posted it I was going to include an explanation.  But then I didn’t just to see the response.  Well if you want to gain attention on social media, create controversy.

Initially the people in my circles got the joke and reshared it and commented.  While not doing much on Facebook, it started getting traction on Google Plus.  It seems the further out the information goes either the less people got the joke or more mad they were at me for posting it.

Results:  830 plussed it, 684 shared it, and 415 commented on it.  By far the most attention any of my posts have ever received.   On average here is the breakdown of the comments.

  • 30% – Got the Implication of the Post or thought it was Funny
  • 30% – Didn’t get it or were not sure why I posted it
  • 25% – Were pissed at me
  • 10% – Added comments like “hi” or other stupid stuff that didn’t have anything to do with the post.
  • 5% – My Comments

Two of my favorite comments were: “If you went away for any reason, like passing away, I’ll not cry for you” and “This is Google Plus not Facebook.  Go Fuck Yourself”

Several people made the Facebook comment and yet when I went to their profile, many of them posted the same crap that you find on Facebook.  Which made it more humorous.

So please, in the future, encourage, ask, plead, etc people to share your posts but don’t make them feel bad if they don’t.


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  1. Red Dwyer says:

    I am a heartless bitch and do not apologize for it. I am anti-share of anything with an ultimatum or guilt complex. You can bet I will share this one.

  2. ha ha ah this is so damn funny and so true…and i can still understand if you are requesting share for some good cause…but some ass$$%5 will post a pic of some Hindu God and then write like and share as soon as you see this pic…
    WTF?? I think i can survive wrath of hindu gods, cos there are many and second even if i dont like or share my sins will still be lesser than most..

    then there was this pic, people went crazy sharing a bald girls pic saying oh she is a cancer survivor like her, admire her…blah blah.that girl just shaved her head to get a new look..and when she came to know about it..she got so pissed off..

    for most people their profile pic should come with a warning “like everything i do or i get stomach cramp”

    • Bearman says:

      I should make that my tag line. You better like everything I do or you are slowly killing me.

      • buddhakat says:

        What, if in some strange world, that were true!?!? Like, if here in USA for every light switch that apparently does nothing, every time we flip that switch an appliance, light, etc turns off/on in China. That would be weird. I’d worry it could happen!!! I’d not want to contribute to your demise, Bearman… many would hate me…


  3. Roland says:

    For the record, I don’t post stuff like that, I got the joke right away and reposted it. My daughter and I had just had a conversation about this a few weeks ago, now we are Christians, but she couldn’t stand one of those posts cause it said “like” if you Love Jesus and scroll down if you Love the Devil, or something to that nature. She was appalled. Now we know we are going to get to Heaven and have Jesus say “hey, you remember when you didn’t hit Like… well you are going somewhere else.” I think it is funny. I think you should do something about those people who are holding up a piece of paper and you can tell that someone PS’d it.

    • Bearman says:

      Exactly. Someone should not feel guilty for refusing to do something you want. And I knew exactly the people (yourself included) who got the joke and those who were pissed because they thought I was making a crack directly at them.

  4. “Hi”
    *snort giggle*
    Seriously, though… yeah. That’s about right. The Facebook part, anyway. I still haven’t figured out Google Plus. Was I supposed to do that?!

  5. Mike W says:

    I am the 0.1 percent.

    But generally, I don’t share anything with an ultimatum or denigration for not sharing.

  6. buddhakat says:

    Oh boy… now I’m really confused! If I share this am I going to heaven or do you get to live longer or… I’m curious – what the breakdown was per SM? About the same across the board? Or perhaps G+ folks have a better sense of humor? Just wondering…

    hmmmm… I think I’ll share this too… (for all the hits I’ll get?)


  7. Comedy Plus says:

    I just delete this kind of stuff. You aren’t allowed to threaten me because I won’t allow you to do so.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  8. Gwen says:

    So many people these days suffer from the debilitating condition known as “Offensensitivity” — the condition where no matter what you say or do, you will offend them or hurt their feelings in some manner or fashion. They will take offense at your clothing, your behavior, your religion, your lack of religion, your private expression of religion, your public expression of religion, your refusal to share your religion, that you “shove your religion down their throat”, that you keep mentioning religion all the time, cat hair, dog hair, pictures of cats, pictures of dogs, mentioning cats or dogs, not mentioning cats or dogs, insinuating that they don’t like cats or dogs, insinuating that they get upset when you insinuate things, political issues, apolitical issues, mentioning your family, being too quiet, racial tensions, claiming to be “color blind”, being actually color blind, remarks about movies you’ve seen, eating meat, being vegetarian, not being vegetarian, being vegan, being from a planet orbiting the star Vega, not being from Earth, being from Earth, being human, being inhuman, being heterosexual, being non-heterosexual, being asexual, drinking coffee, drinking tea, being a tea partier, engaging in tea bagging, being a bag stuffer at a supermarket, not shopping at small local stores, being anti-business, being a Communist, being a Capitalist, being part of the 99%, being part of the 1%, being anything, being nothing.

    These people need our care and our love. They need this message to be shared far and wide. Please “like” and share this message everywhere. If you don’t, every time you ignore this message, Ed Schultz of MSNBC eats a kitten sandwich.

  9. To me it’s nothing more than a self important chain letter.

  10. I especially hate the ones that imply if you don’t share, you hate God, don’t care about victims, abuse animals, or whatever. When I see 99% of you won’t share, I just say to myself, “Yeah, you are right, and I won’t either.” Tired of bullies who think their post is the most important thing ever put on FB.

  11. Bo Lumpkim says:

    Even if I like something I won’t comment, like, or share if there is an ultimatum. I am too old and too hardheaded to be bullied by those people. I would share this though because I get the joke. I have even posted something similar on Facebook but I didn’t go to the trouble to make it look good like you did. I did get about 6 shares from it though which is better than I do from my comics.

  12. Binky says:

    I’m going to share it just to spite you!

  13. frigginloon says:

    I’m just praying that Google’s next algorithm penalizes people who use this black hat strategy LOL 🙂

  14. George says:

    Well, strangers can’t make me feel guilty. I’ve never been a fan of those doomsday messages either (send to 10 friends or your dog will die tonight after American Idol!!) I will, however, try to help out a friend if they have something vital that they need to express.

    I love your ingenuity on this concept too.

  15. lisleman says:

    Another reason blogs are better than FB or G+ postings. I rarely find such causes and the dumb statements about not sharing on blogs.

  16. G.B. Miller says:

    That is the exact main reason why I ignore stuff like that. It’s bad enough that my newsfeed gets clogged with that, so I’m certainly not going to post drivel like that.

    Also the main reason why I refrain from commenting about anything that has to do with gay rights.

  17. Tony McGurk says:

    I guess some people just don’t get your humour. What a bunch of soulless jerks.

  18. Deb says:

    Ha! Only you’d come up with this one, Bearman!
    I rarely ever share if they request it, since most times it’s done as you wrote about.

  19. Lenny Sock says:

    Gosh I guess only 1% of me can look in the mirror. The other 99% of me feels emotionally hurt by your post. Which raises the question “Is it possible for a soulless sock jerk to feel emotionally hurt???”
    I dunno so I’ll just say “When you die I’ll not cry for you ‘cos socks don’t have tear ducts”

  20. planetross says:

    I try not to draw attention to myself.
    I’m more of the “if you build it, they will come” school.

    … it’s not a big school that I haven’t built yet. … but it’s bigger than that primary school I once thought I’d build in 3 colors. hee hee!

  21. Tim Green says:

    How dare people post stuff like that and distract me from those ugly cat posts!

  22. I totally get this. I go insane when people post these to their Facebook statuses and then inform what kind of trash I am if I don’t.

    Posting a picture won’t end hunger, cure cancer, etc.

    Posting a picture in support of a cause is really just a cheesy way way of not taking any action while still giving one good feelings of doing something… though they did NOTHING.

    I like your use the word “Bullying” here. Good choice.

  23. Lorre Lyons says:

    Don’t make them feel bad? Where’s the fun in that? FB Chain letters (versions of)….gotta not love it.

  24. Mark Stokes says:

    Guilt can be a powerful motivator, I’m sorry to say.

  25. Gray Dawster says:

    I like your posting as it offers a very
    good example of ridiculousness around the web…


    I agree Bearman, I have seen lots of similar postings, indeed they circulate the email inboxes too but as I always delete everything it doesn’t bother me one bit, hey I do read some of the emails but just avoid all the crap 🙂 lol

    Bullying in any form is
    Cowardly and Weasel-Like 🙁

    Have a fun weekend Bearman 🙂

  26. Lisa Neumann says:

    I am forever getting a hard knocks education through the M3+ Crew. I love this simple, yet brilliant lesson. Thank you. Lisa


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