Is there a Social Media Posting Frequency Sweet Spot?

What is the Social Media Sweet Spot for Post Frequency by Bearman CartoonsFor those of you who use Social Media (be it Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook) is there a sweet spot for the number of posts a person should make in a day/week? ย  How much is so little you think they abandoned or at least aren’t interested? ย How much is too much that you tend to ignore their posts and probably miss good things from them but can’t weed through all the noise? ย How does resharing/retweeting posts factor?

I have my own thoughts but want to hear from you.

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64 Responses to “Is there a Social Media Posting Frequency Sweet Spot?”

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  1. Jim says:

    Good question.

    I suppose it depends on who’s watching.

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    Yes, I’ve a couple of Facebook friends that post and post and post and then post some more. Dozens per day. I tend to ignore them after a bit.

    Have a terrific day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Twice a day on Facebook (non social) and about six on twitter, spaced about two hours apart

  4. lisleman says:

    The survey says, people don’t like surveys.
    I’m not on twitter and still have no desire to join. Posting on that network might be viewed completely different than the others. The answer depends on many things. One big factor is your life and what’s going on in it. I use G+ and FB very differently. I’ll post to G+ more often than FB. When posting goes down to less than once a week then I wonder if the person has dropped out. Of course, I would rather people spend more time on blogs than any of the other social networks.

    • People love surveys. They hate survey takers.

      I have had to look at social media as another blog outlet. Until I am trying to monetize my site with paid ads, I realize that my numbers don’t matter as much as engagement. That is why I now post actual cartoons instead of just links on G+/FB

      • Tony McGurk says:

        Hey you asked a question & your readers are responding so is this a survey???
        And why am I responding here??? You should be phoning me from a call centre/center in India or Pakistan

  5. George Ford says:

    I generally tweet, G+, and FB post as soon as a new comic premieres. I only post once on FB and G+ per edition, but I’ll tweet something generally again at 7am, 12noon, and 5:30pm (all PST). But, that’s if I remember to do so.

    I don’t wanna inundate people with “ads”, but I’ve found that it works to help remind someone that a new strip is up. Some folks don’t subscribe to the feed, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle with everyone else unless you do a slight, gentle reminder that you’re there. The difficult part is gauging whether you’re being informative or just pushy.

    • I have learned that posting new stuff to SM with links 2x is more than enough as I never get more interaction than if I did 89x. What is funny is that I can get people at times to RT stuff on Twitter who never actually click the link

  6. George Ford says:

    Oh, and I have taken note that people prefer to keep their ‘clicking’ to a minimum. You would think that a mere mouse click is not too much to ask for, but I myself am guilty of pre-determining the least amount of mouse-clicks I will need even when navigating thru my own site: “Should I click dashboard, then posts or just click previous, then edit post?” It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I do calculate it just to save my lazy thumb some effort.

    Primarily, I am referring to Facebook. I have lots of non-comic-loving friends on there who seemingly refuse to click the links to go to my AC site. However, if I post a comic straight-upon Facebook, they’ll read it there, click LIKE, and will even leave a comment. I guess it’s all about convenience.

    I would prefer if people commented on my website, but I suppose I shouldn’t be picky. Any interaction is good interaction, right, regardless of its roots? Even if I can’t seduce you to visit, at least, via Facebook, you are aware that it exists. And if you happen to see it again somewhere (like on TV, God willing), I’ve already established brand-recognition that may capture you somewhere down the road.

    I have to take what I can get, I suppose.

    • I have learned the same. Post the link and get a limited amount of clicks. Post the image and get more. So that is what I tend to do is post the link on day one and post the actual image the day two so you get both audiences.

  7. benzeknees says:

    I like to “share” a couple of funny statuses a day on FB. I like to play a few games on FB & try to keep from posting my status too much. My blog posts are automatically linked to FB & twitter so there is a new share when I post on my blog. So far nobody has complained.

  8. Mark Stokes says:

    I subscribe to the Goldilocks Principle.

  9. Dave says:

    For me, when it comes to 8-Bit Nerds, it doesn’t matter.

    Yesterday’s Traffic:

    .02% of my traffic came from Facebook.
    0% came from Google + and Twitter.

    When it comes to non-blogging/personal social media, I like things to be kept to a minimum.

    Only say something if it is somewhat important or relevant.

    For example, here is a relevant tweet that I tweeted earlier “How do #WeKnow” in response to Kerry’s speech. Guess how many people cared about that tweet. I think about 0. I thought it was a relevant question. It did get a little Top Tweet badge but it didn’t look like it had that much impact.

    Maybe 1 Facebook update a day, 3 Tweets or so and I don’t have a good idea with Google Plus because I don’t have the experience there.

  10. David Hurley says:

    Depends the social network. There are some people who post all the time and you ignore them and others that post all the time and you pay attention. I think it depends on each person and what they are interested in and what’s being said.

  11. Binky says:

    I guess my one post a year on Facebook probably isn’t enough. I don’t pay attention to any of those sites. I think it’s 1995.

  12. frigginloon says:

    I stopped Twitter because I was being swamped with crap and couldn’t get to the good stuff. I have one person on Facebook that continues to post crap … she should be tweeting instead. I don’t mind funny or quirky posts but this loon doesn’t care a flying frisbee that you are eating a toasted bagel at a cafe …. oh unless the waiter accidentally sets your hair on fire as they walked passed with a candle lit birthday cake.

  13. Joseph says:

    I don’t use G+ or FB much. I’m on Twitter a lot but sometimes I think I RT too many things I like. I send out 3 terrible jokes a day. Maybe I’ll cut the torture down to two. I am a merciful tweeter, you know.

    • But your content is different. And on twitter for some reason RTs don’t seem so bad because they are presented as someone else. On G+ there are several people who just reshare with no commentary about 100 things a day.

  14. I’m not very good with ‘the social skills’, er, media. Social Media. Yes. That’s it. I’ve still never tried G+… and I’m awful about checking Twitter. When I actually remember to look on FB I tend to let a poster’s creative input on their posts influence how much looking I do. If someone has written, drawn, painted, photographed something themselves, I’m MUCH more likely to check it out. Those awful hand-me-down Photoshop kitten/inspirational phase jobs, not so much (although they always get a few million more ‘likes’ than I’m accustomed to getting, so, I guess I shouldn’t judge).

  15. G.B. Miller says:

    My circle of friends occupy all three frequency levels, with me occupying the space between the first two. I rarely tolerate the third level and I have to actually like that person a lot in order not to turn off my newsfeed notifications of that person.

    The ones in my circle that occupy that first level rarely get purged, simply because I know them personally and FB (and everything else) is at the very bottom of their proverbial to-do list.

  16. Bill Murphy says:

    I’m a lazy reader. If the text is long, I skip over it. If it has a picture I’ll look at it. If there is a link, I probably won’t click it unless the topic speaks to me.

    I’ve just started using Twitter and Facebook socially. There is just too much to read so I do a lot of scanning.

  17. jynksie says:

    When I’m engaged with social media, I’m either all in, or all out. I never sit on simmer… even though I should!

  18. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I have almost burnt out on twitter and G+ because of the amount of irrelevant stuff on there. I also have other things to do. I only use Facebook for family and friends and only post a comic on rare occasions. I hate it on Facebook that now people have quit posting anything original and just re-share the same old meme’s and cat pictures each day.
    I think if someone posts something original it doesn’t matter how often they post. It is the constant reposting of the same stuff that gets old.
    I think G+ is a little different because the circles are so much larger.
    I am thinkin’ of doin’ a list of tweets “You can’t really be a Redneck if…” and I will post them whenever I think of one.
    I might just write a book instead.

  19. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Social Media
    By Bo Lumpkin

    Once social media had it’s place,
    And I think they called MySpace,

    But their popularity soon ended,
    As people found Facebook and were befriended,

    And along came another named Twitter,
    For those who were unfriended and bitter,

    But soon came one for the rest of us,
    They called this one Google Plus,

    There are many more I haven’t used,
    Because they make me so confused,

    There is a new social media I will try,
    I’ll just speak to people when they pass by.

  20. I don’t really know… I think there are no rules.
    I personally don’t like Twitter because I’m following too many people. So I don’t see anything.

  21. In my experience, number of posts takes a back seat to quality posts. While you do want to be posting every day, people tend to stick with you the more your posts are actually interactive. Take part in conversations as you usually would, and be prepared for the idea that people *will* respond to your posts.

  22. Nice cartoon but tough question. I think so much of the social thing is overblown but because we have agreed that it is important in our lives it has become important even though, in the end, it really isn’t in my opinion.

  23. Howard says:

    The sweet spot can only arrive after you are writing about something that lots of people want to read. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many times you post.

  24. Gruhn says:

    Great idea and I want to know the answer. When are you going to post the results? I post once a week on average to facebook and 4 times a week to twitter. I’m so busy with the “real job” that I just don’t have time to really do even that much so I’m a horrible example of the best way to be engaged electronically. I do prefer to engage in person though so again I’m not the best example.

  25. Tyler says:

    Well depicted! In the next panel to the right, I’m not sure if his head explodes or he acquires a bazooka. I think I’d rather not find out.

  26. It’s almost like politicians go by what helps them the most and not by convictions…. Hmmmm

  27. Andro says:

    An excellent thought Bearman, I can only go on my own lack of posting at G+ and I rarely get many visiting me, well not that I know of anyway but then that is my own fault for not putting the time in, as for the multi=posting-loons on there, well too many is definitely a waste of effort in my opinion and on the flip side of the coin, not enough postings, like mine can be immensely boring too ๐Ÿ™‚ lmao

    Your cartoon is excellent though and that is a fact ๐Ÿ™‚

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