Is there a Social Media Posting Frequency Sweet Spot?

What is the Social Media Sweet Spot for Post Frequency by Bearman Cartoons

For those of you who use Social Media (be it Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook) is there a sweet spot for the number of posts a person should make in a day/week?   How much is so little you think they abandoned or at least aren’t interested?  How much is too […]

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Seven Deadly Sins Poster

So here it is. The final compilation poster image of my Seven Deadly Sins series. And as many of you recommended all week, the above poster image, shirts, buttons, magnets and more are now available at – the official store).

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Seven Deadly Sins Cartoon: Anger

UPDATE:  GET THIS AND OTHER DEADLY SINS T-SHIRT, POSTERS ETC AT OUR STORE Today is part four in a series of the Seven Deadly Sins Cartoons.  This one focuses on the sin or Anger or Wrath (but who knows what wrath means anymore) Of all the sins, this is the one […]

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