Editorial Cartoon: Kim Jong Un Pajamas

It is a sad day at the Friggin Loon’s site as she no longer has Kim Jong Il to kick around.  Happily though it looks like his son, Kim Jong Un, has taken up daddy’s job as Supreme Ruler so well that he has begun wearing the Pajama looking outfits […]

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Friggin Loon Caricature

So the final winner of my caricature contest was the Friggin Loon.  There is no one with a more hidden identity on the web than she.  But a few key details have sprang forth via her talkative friends (ahem Susi Spice) She is obsessed with all things Kim Jong Il […]

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Free Political Characters Icon Set

I was going to name this post “Funny you don’t look Il” but I figured there is only one person that would appreciate it.  Hongkiat has worked out a deal with IconShock to give away a free set of eight different Political Characters including the above Kim Jong-il, President Obama, […]

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