Editorial Cartoon: Gun Control and North Korea


Sorry it has been a while since my last cartoon, let alone editorial cartoon but something struck me the other day after the tragedy at Las Vegas with the push again for gun control. I believe in the second amendment and I also believe, much like we do with other […]

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The Real Story Behind “The Interview”

  The real story behind “The Interview” will probably never be known.  But today’s cartoon tongue in cheek claims maybe it was a mutually beneficial relationship between Seth Rogen and Kim Jong Un all along. There are so many conspiracy theories behind who really hacked Sony Pictures and what if […]

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Kim Jong Un on Christmas – Retro Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon Kim Jong Un Pajamas

Kim Jong Un is back in the news again this Christmas so thought it was time to reshare this cartoon I did in 2011 when he took over as Supreme Ruler in North Korea.   Seems there is some issues that North Korea has with Sony Pictures “The Interview” starring […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Kim Jong Un Pajamas

It is a sad day at the Friggin Loon’s site as she no longer has Kim Jong Il to kick around.  Happily though it looks like his son, Kim Jong Un, has taken up daddy’s job as Supreme Ruler so well that he has begun wearing the Pajama looking outfits […]

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