The Real Story Behind “The Interview”



The real story behind “The Interview” will probably never be known.  But today’s cartoon tongue in cheek claims maybe it was a mutually beneficial relationship between Seth Rogen and Kim Jong Un all along.

There are so many conspiracy theories behind who really hacked Sony Pictures and what if any blame lays at the hands of North Korea.   Some reports say it was North Korea and others claim it wasn’t.  Even North Korea got into the conspiracy theory fray by claiming the United States government was actually behind the movie to undermine and embarrass the North Korean Government.  Now as history shows, especially during WWII, the US was heavily involved in film propaganda work as the majority of Americans went to the movies for entertainment.  But everyone knows our government isn’t funny, so to put this out is probably beyond them. SMIRK (As my friend Jynksie would say)

So with a limited run and “The Interview” being mostly streamed on the net, it make $18million in the first week and is the most talked about movie of the year.  Consequently, North Korea is also back in the news.

So conspiracy theory nerds, what say you?

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  1. Comedy Plus says:

    The US probably did the hack and then blamed North Korea. Our government does whatever it wants for whatever reasons they have. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about political parties here I talking about the government at work all the time. Not much has changed over the years.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    I gained more from this post than I have from the news. I have noticed the hack being talked about didn’t really pay attention.

    I have no theories.

    Happy New Year!

  3. lisleman says:

    The whole hacking, embarrassing emails, government actions, and conspiracy theory is just so stupid and complex that it could not be made up. The whole thing does show how the internet shines a bright light on our collective stupidity.

  4. Tony McGurk says:

    Another Kim Jong cartoon & Loon didn’t get 1st comment. She must be sleeping late lately. I actually found this movie on-line today & have book marked if for the weekend.

    We had a thunderstorm yesterday. Lucky that lightning didn’t hit me. Decided that it’s too much to try & focus on more than one comic sooooo…..

  5. Tim Green says:

    I’m glad that they released the movie online and in limited release at theaters. I don’t like the thought of other countries dictating how we entertain ourselves!

  6. DadaHyena says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, BURN!

    (as long as it’s not a burn caused by nuclear weapons)

  7. Nate Fakes says:

    Who WOULDN’T want to be featured in a film? I’m guessing Kim had a role in it (literally).

  8. jynksie says:

    An update on my birthday, no less, never mind a [smirky] mention!

    I’m glad the movie can be seen by those who want to waste their money viewing a fictional comedy that has no relevance to anything of value. I had no desire to see it before the brew-ha-ha and that position hasn’t changed. How good a movie can it be if James Franco is in it? [smirk] Not a fan.

    Happy New Year BearMan. [tips hat]

  9. Binky says:

    The movie has gotten more free publicity than any one I can remember.

  10. qka says:

    “it make $18million”

    A Kringlish joke? (Kringlish – Korean English)

  11. p.j. says:

    I just saw this. This is a brilliant take on the situation. And who knows, maybe closer to the truth that we realize.

  12. Bill Murphy says:

    Bearman, I think your idea is probably closer to the truth than we think. 😉

  13. David Hurley says:

    I’m glad the movie is released, but I still haven’t seen it yet.

  14. Mark Stokes says:

    That kind of free publicity is priceless.

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