WWE Sheamus Lipschitz Sign

WWE Superstar Wrestler known as Sheamus is from Ireland.  On Monday Night Raw Sheamus revealed that his last name is Lipschitz (click for video), joking that his mom was Irish and his dad Jewish. “We spent our days drinking and fighting but our nights feeling very guilty about it.” Well […]

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St Paddy’s Day 2011

Ok so I posted the same thing last year but I have 3 more regular commenters who may not have gone back so far in the archives.  Click here for all the products with this design.  Don’t forget St. Patricks day is once again March 17 so what are your […]

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Saint Paddy’s Day T-shirt

March 17 marks the celebration of St Patrick’s Day. So to celebrate, I thought I would finally work on my St. Paddy’s t-shirt design that has been running in my head. Gone are my green beer days and feeling the need to stand in a crowd of 400 in a […]

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