Luke Harper WWE Caricature

Haven’t done a WWE caricature cartoon in a while so this one goes out to Luke Harper (aka Jon Huber).  He always wears a dingy sleeveless shirt.  WWE needs to make him a his own wrestling shirt in their shop that says “this IS my clean shirt”

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Ken Bone

Ken Bone and his red sweater are getting his 15 minutes of fame.  After supposedly splitting the pants on his nice gray suit, Ken grabbed his “Plan B” outfit of a nice shirt and his red sweater before heading out to last Sunday’s Presidential Debate.  Since then, he has been […]

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James Ellsworth Cartoon

James Ellsworth Caricature

My latest caricature study is that of one James Ellsworth.  Now that Heath Slater has been signed to the WWE Smackdown brand, the hottest free agent in the wrestling biz is James. James is what is known as a jobber in the wrestling business.  A jobber is typically local talent […]

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RIP Prince


RIP Prince.  The words “It’s such a shame our friendship had to end” from Purple Rain is such a fitting sentiment.  Another childhood icon gone too soon.

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RIP Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis RIP Cartoon Caricature by Bearman Cartoons

RIP Harold Ramis.  This tribute cartoon caricature is in remembrance of a very funny guy.   The writer behind such classics as Animal House, Caddyshack, Stripes and of course Ghostbusters. A funny man who will be missed.   My heart goes out to his family.

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Mick Foley Caricature and Comedy Review

Mick-Foley-Caricature-by-Bearman Cartoons

  So it is no secret that the wife and I are fans of wrestling (and no you wouldn’t know it by looking at either of us).  WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has parlayed his second act into being an exceptional writer with multiple best sellers and now doing […]

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Richard Branson Caricature

Richard Branson Caricature by Bearman Cartoons

  So I am working on some caricature studies of different celebrities/well-known persons.  First up was Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame.   I hope when I am his age my hair looks half as good.  Why hasn’t he put out Virgin hair care products? Any celebs you think it […]

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Charles Ramsey – Hero of Cleveland

Charles Ramsey Caricature Cleveland Hero Bearman Cartoons

Sometimes a caricature just comes together quick as in the case of Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey.  He was the neighbor of the guy that kept three women captive in Cleveland for 10 years.   So I figured he deserved his own cartoon tribute along with this classic line he told […]

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