James Ellsworth Cartoon

James Ellsworth Caricature

My latest caricature study is that of one James Ellsworth.  Now that Heath Slater has been signed to the WWE Smackdown brand, the hottest free agent in the wrestling biz is James.

James is what is known as a jobber in the wrestling business.  A jobber is typically local talent when a wrestling promotion comes to a town, who is thrown into an obviously mismatched match to make a regular wrestler look strong.   Typically, you never hear from or see these guys again.  Let me clarify, typically you never hear from them in the first place.  Jobbers are usually waiting in the ring just waiting to be squashed.

But James was given mic time before his match to utter the phrase, “Every man with two hands has a fighting chance”.  He then went on to be obliterated by the much larger Braun Stroman (see pics at WWE.com).  There was something magical about this jobber and wrestling fans went nuts for him (see here and here)

The WWE listened and brought James back in this past week for another comedic bit which continues to go over well.   So hats off to you James, and keep your chin up!!!


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  1. lisleman says:

    I don’t know a thing about him. From your caricature, he doesn’t appear to be very pumped up. I thought most of the wrestlers were body builders too.

  2. Binky says:

    Go, James, go! I’ll pretend to know what you’re talking about.

  3. G. B. Miller says:

    Back in the day, prior to cable t.v., jobbers were very important to getting (potential) stars over with the crowd. While yes, they were (usually) squashed like cockroach, there were times where they got enough popularity to have a credible storyline built around them.

  4. Gruhn says:

    Since I don’t watch wrestling, I thought the picture was of the singer from Everclear without his glasses.

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