WWE Sheamus Lipschitz Sign

WWE Superstar Wrestler known as Sheamus is from Ireland.  On Monday Night Raw Sheamus revealed that his last name is Lipschitz (click for video), joking that his mom was Irish and his dad Jewish. “We spent our days drinking and fighting but our nights feeling very guilty about it.” Well […]

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Free Caricature

That’s right, it is back. You can win a digital caricature of you, a friend, your dog or your favorite celebrity.   This is an exclusive contest for those following Beartoons on Facebook.  Don’t worry for those of you who don’t have Facebook, I will be doing other contests soon. Here […]

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Seven Deadly Sins Cartoon: Lust

UPDATE:  GET THIS AND OTHER DEADLY SINS T-SHIRT, POSTERS ETC AT OUR STORE Part two of my week showcasing the Seven Deadly Sins by Lust.  It seems several of our regulars are guilty of this sin. (ahem Lynn, Myra, Dennis) Speaking of Lust.  The perfect story that ties into this idea […]

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