Game of Clones – Parody Mashup of Star Wars and Game of Thrones

Bearman Cartoons Parody Game of Thrones and Star Wars

  Next week is the start of the 4th season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  I am typically not a fan of this type of genre.  Thought the Hobbit was OK and didn’t like any of the Lord of the Rings.  Just not my style.  Yet something attracted me to […]

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Seven Deadly Sins Cartoon: Sloth

UPDATE:  GET THIS AND OTHER DEADLY SINS T-SHIRT, POSTERS ETC AT OUR STORE And on the seventh day….Bearman rested. This is for those who claimed the sloth position this week (including Duncan, Loon, and Scott).  Sloth is the final in our collection of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Hope you enjoyed it.  […]

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