Seven Deadly Sins Cartoon: Sloth

Seven Deadly Sins cartoon: Sloth


And on the seventh day….Bearman rested.

This is for those who claimed the sloth position this week (including Duncan, Loon, and Scott).  Sloth is the final in our collection of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Check in on Sunday for a cool compilation image of all the sins and thanks for hanging with me this week.

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34 Responses to “Seven Deadly Sins Cartoon: Sloth”

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  1. sloth?

    i don’t know what you’re talking about.

    what’s that? i haven’t posted since last week?

    how about you start worring ABOUT YOURSELF?!

    • Bearman says:

      I set a record by posting every single day this week. AND I am posting tomorrow.

      See now if you would just split up all your ADD posts into different ones instead of bundling them together you would have more to post about.

      • sigh. don’t you realize that i have so much to post about i can’t even pick one thing at once?!? that’s why my posts are so ADD.

        but that’s all part of my charm, eh?

        the problem with posting is it takes time. of which, i have none

  2. Walker says:

    Well, damn… I missed yesterday and find myself ‘off’ the radar screen. Believe me I wish I’d had a slothful day! Who can compete with Loon????

    Nice series and wonderful first line.. don’t we rest on Sunday though?

  3. Duncanr says:

    I was going to post a comment here – but I can’r be arsed !!! 😉

  4. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I might be guilty of being unorganized but I won’t confess to sloth.

  5. lisleman says:

    seventh day – looks more like the day after the night before

  6. Mel Ancholy says:

    Ugh! I sort of want to comment but and beginning to feel slothful…

  7. Roland says:

    Baby Ruth… Sloth love Bearman…

  8. SpilledInkGuy says:


  9. Friggin Loon says:

    Now we are talking. Plonk a wine glass in its hand and there you have it!

  10. DadaHyena says:

    Hey! A three-toed sloth! They’re very rare.

    …and apparently SATANIC!

  11. Jande says:

    These toons are sooo cuuuute, Bearman!

    Sloth, hmm? Well funny about that. Ever see films of real sloths? Man they just don’t have the energy to move too fast, but they get the job done regardless. I think Sloths are pretty cool. Minimum energy output for maximum gain. lol

    Once again, I don’t see that as a sin. *shrug*. I think Slatternly behavior, that is, able to keep things clean (not necessarilly tidy) and yet unwilling to do so and perpetually wallowing in their own filth, is far more of a sin than Sloth.

  12. lynn says:

    my other half is extremely guilty of this sin!

  13. Tony says:

    At least sloth guy gets a rest

  14. George says:

    I don’t recall posing for this, but I must have because it looks just like me. 🙂


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