Republicans on Halloween


Halloween is almost upon us and it is time for Trick or Treating.  Unfortunately it seems with the round of candidates up for the Presidential Nominee, it is the Republican Party that is playing tricks on us.  So sure a kid seemingly dressed as a ghost is more likely a […]

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Childhood Memories and Comic Conventions

Recognize this dapper fellow?  Unless you lived in the Cincinnati television area you probably would not recognize one of the mainstays of my childhood, the Cool Ghoul.   I was too small to remember seeing him except in repeats of his Saturday night hosted horror movies but he still made […]

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Retro Editorial Cartoon: Halloween and Politicians

October 31 around here doesn’t only mean Halloween. It means an election is right around the corner. This is the time the politicians and lobbyists pick it up on the rhetoric, scare tactics and door-to-door visits. I did this one in 2007. Follow me via TWITTER updates. or share this […]

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Candy Corn Poop

In continuing to highlight various t-shirts and other products available at, thought I would share this weeks entry into the Halloween gift bag. I always wondered why you can see your corn in your poop but not your candy corn.

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Halloween Candy Bags

So of course my favorite pagan Holiday is almost upon us.  Thought I would highlight a couple different Halloween designs this month available at  So if you want your kid to have a candy bag that isn’t one of those fancy store bought kind, take a look at our […]

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