Create a Custom Jack-O-Lantern Pattern in Photoshop Express

It has been a while since I have done a tutorial so in time for the season, here is the How-to create a custom Jack-o-Lantern pattern in Photoshop or Photoshop Express.  What could be scarier on your front porch than George Ford (of Addanac City fame) greeting all the kids in the neighborhood.  I swear I would pick on someone else sometime but the rest of you don’t post enough pictures on the web.

Step 1

– Open a new document (I made mine about 8inx8in), paste your picture in the document and resize it so there is some white background showing.

– Using the brush tool, make a white border around the entire picture.  I used a 10pt brush.

Step 2

– Color the background layer black.

Step 3

– Select Image>Mode>Grayscale

– You want to make sure the color is balanced.  My original pic was too bright so you can adjust by going to Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Brightness/Contrast in Photoshop Express or Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast in full Photoshop.

Step 4

– Select Filter>Adjustments>Posterize (Express) or Image>Adjustments>Posterize (Full).  Choose 3 levels and select and it will give you a Black, White and Gray Image.  If the outline that you did in Step 1 is full white, change it to 50% gray.  You should get above.   You will notice that it has bits of color all over the picture that you don’t want to have to carve so,

– Using your pen too set to black, white or gray color in the image to remove some of the dithering and random color spots.

Step 5

As you can see in the above pic I cleaned up the image to make it into cutable chunks.   In the end you are going to want to shave off the skin of the gray area, cut the white area completely through, and leave the black area alone.  Look at your white area.  If there is danger of you cutting away detail of the gray you need to adjust your picture more.  As you can see in the final template in the first image of this post, I added more gray area around the nose so I wouldn’t cut my nose to spite my face..haha

George was too scary to carve so instead I did Bearman.

Here is what it looks like unlit.  It was my first time trying to use a dremel so I need to clean it up.

As you can see, in this one I only posterized to 2 colors (black and white).  For the white, I pulled off the skin and the black I left alone.  I then put two full holes in the eyes.

Here is the the final look when lit.

And in case you want to make your own Bearman Pumpkin…here is the template.

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  1. Byron says:

    Now a pumpkin with George’s face on it IS scary… If I were to use my face, the kids would have heart attacks on the spot.

    Cool tutorial! I will have to see if I can do George’s face now. Comic artists pumpkins! A new trend for the true comic geeks.

  2. MC/Curtis says:

    A great way to make photo comics as well perhaps. Thanks for the photoshop tips. I shall have to take thorough notes.

    The Jack-O-Lantern looks great. Why is it blinking?

  3. George says:

    I think the Bearman-O-Lantern is way scarier than anything with my rugged visage. Although I am pretty frightening when I wake up in the morning. I like this a lot! 🙂

  4. Jande says:

    Oh, great tutorial, Bearman! I like this a lot! especially the Bearman pumpkin, though the flashing one looks a little like a drunken chef. lol

  5. Tony McGurk says:

    Hi Bearman, I’m a bit behind with all my blog reading as I’ve had some ongoing site problems that have driven me to max frustration. Love the Bearman pumpkin. Great work. I guess a George Ford pumpkin head would sure save having to buy treats for Halloween as it’d scare all the kids away!!!

    BTW If you click my name you will notice…

    Dare I say it???

    a new URL. (Cringes in fear…)

    Wait Wait before you fly over hear to rip my head from my shoulders & stuff t down my neck. The latest post on TM Comics explains. I was having major problemss (not caused by me) It’s been acting up for the last week or so. I was having trouble even getting that last post up. Just had to keep trying till it worked. Given up on self hosting…

  6. Friggin Loon says:

    Hmm, a Halloloon Jack-o-lantern, that just might do the trick. Halloween has only halfheartedly taken off in Australia. Most people tell kids knocking on their doors at night asking for candy to “pi** off” Blahahahaa

  7. Binky says:

    A Bearman pumpkin? I can’t bear it!
    I guess no kids will be coming around your house this Halloween.

  8. George says:

    Maybe I need to produce a George costume since they won’t make any Casey Anthony ones that the world seems to be clamoring over.

  9. DadaHyena says:

    Now THAT’S a face that will scare away trick-or-treaters!

    …that way you can have all the candy to yourself. Brilliant!

  10. Mark Stokes says:

    Oh, if only Ichabod Crane had had that stencil! Headless horsemen aren’t scary when they’re laughing their… well, you know… off!

  11. nursemyra says:

    excellent. A very cool pumpkin

  12. That is really cool, I wish I was that talented, I just painted mine with the help of the neighbors kids.

  13. Nate Fakes says:

    I am horrible at carving pumpkins. I always want to do something ultra-cool, but then I go back to the standard triangle eyes and gap toothed version

  14. Haha! thank you for sharing

  15. planetross says:

    Very cool!
    Good job.

    Why does the whole face blink and not just the eyelids?
    … I can’t do that in real life: it’s scary.

  16. Great idea…thanks for sharing. I’ve attempted to buy Photoshop a few times, but I get intimidated by all the choices. The Paint program on my computer just doesn’t cut it.

  17. Tom Falco says:

    That is so cool. Thank you.

  18. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I would try this but I haven’t been able to face a Jack-0-Lantern since the “Great Pumpkin War of 1962. Sometimes I still have nightmares.

  19. Comedy Plus says:

    Hey that’s George. Way cool.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  20. İlginç bi’ yaklaşım 😀

  21. writerdood says:

    Just when my dremel breaks, dammit. Oh well. I substituted each step with a shot of whiskey instead. You should see my pumpkin!

  22. But if you don’t use any filters you can turn this into a 3 day job.
    Which is always fun.
    Well… maybe not as much fun as playing with a dremel tool… but then… what is, really?!

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