How to do an easy Random Drawing using Excel

As I wrapped up the Christopher Hart Cartoon Faces Book Giveaway, I thought I share with my readers a tutorial on “How to do an easy Random Drawing using Excel.”  If ever you don’t want to print out entry chits and draw by hand, these five easy steps will make […]

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Tutorial: Create Curtain Texture in Photoshop

Because I am the Photoshop wonder kid, George Ford asked in the comments of my Obama & Carter cartoon how I made the background curtain. Whether you are using Photoshop or simply Photoshop Elements like I do, it is a simple 4 step process. There are more in depth tutorials […]

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Tom Richmond Caricature Tutorials

One of my new favorite places on the web is visiting Tom Richmond’s blog. Tom is a freelance illustrator who does a lot of work for Mad Magazine. I marvel that with his workload he consistently publishes pretty much daily, with tips, news info, and caricatures he has done. He […]

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