Republicans on Halloween


Halloween is almost upon us and it is time for Trick or Treating.  Unfortunately it seems with the round of candidates up for the Presidential Nominee, it is the Republican Party that is playing tricks on us.  So sure a kid seemingly dressed as a ghost is more likely a […]

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The Spirits of Christmas


Sure in a Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three Spirits/Ghosts.  What if the spirits that were foretold by his deceased partner Jacob Marley turned out to be alcohol?  May you all have a very spirited Christmas (or whatever you celebrate).

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Z&G at 1

Unlike the first two guest cartoons, Roland Perez of Metal Jaw Comics and more specifically Z&G decided to showcase his characters at age one.   Z is Zech and is a Zombie.  G is Geist and is a Ghost.  Thus explains what Roland said when he sent my the cartoon: Here […]

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Halloween Candy Bags

So of course my favorite pagan Holiday is almost upon us.  Thought I would highlight a couple different Halloween designs this month available at  So if you want your kid to have a candy bag that isn’t one of those fancy store bought kind, take a look at our […]

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Bearman Made Famous in Words

Many of my cartoonist friends brag when their cartoon character ends up with a guest appearance in another artist’s cartoon.  Well I don’t have characters (besides I could never draw the same one twice if I tried). Then I realized that I am a character.  And much like David Hasselhoff, […]

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