Arrested Development Ratings

5-28-13-Bearman-Cartoon-Arrested Development Ratings Perception vs Reality

So the new season of Arrested Development has finally streamed on Netflix to what appears to be heavy streaming of the new episodes, disappointment from critics, and a stock tumble because reception of the fourth season wasn’t as good as expected.  I will be honest, I remember when the show […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Juan Williams Fired from NPR

Obviously it is newsworthy if I post on a Friday instead of my regular Sunday and Wednesday (did any of you realize I had a schedule?) It seems Juan Williams of National Public Radio fame had spent too much time over at Fox News commenting on the news of the day and […]

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Thanks to all – Over 1000 hits

Over the weekend given that I was quite prolific last week and put up three new toons, for the first time ever I had 1000 hits in one day on this blog.  Most of you will laugh because you probably get thousands of hits but oh well. I even reached […]

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