Editorial Cartoon: Juan Williams Fired from NPR

Bearman Cartoons Juan Williams Fired from NPR

Obviously it is newsworthy if I post on a Friday instead of my regular Sunday and Wednesday (did any of you realize I had a schedule?)

It seems Juan Williams of National Public Radio fame had spent too much time over at Fox News commenting on the news of the day and has now lost his contract with NPR.  For those readers outside the country, NPR is funded in part by the government and some will say it is the only way liberal radio can survive.  Of course Fox News is deemed a branch of the right wing conservative movement so you can see the rub.

It is interesting that NPR would use the excuse that their reporters and analysts are not supposed to provide personal opinion but rather merely ask questions.  You can make your opinion known simply by editorial decisions on editing, who to interview and how you ask questions.

In the end, Juan ends up with a $2 million contract from Fox News so we won’t be seeing him on the unemployment line.

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  1. Jo Yakimow says:

    NPR has always been a left liberal organization. I very seldom listen to the station …too liberal…and they are supposed to give out just the NEWS…what a joke.

  2. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Freedom of speech is okay as long as the left wing media agrees with it.

  3. Jo Yakimow says:


  4. CDowd says:

    NPR dropped the ball on this one. Dumb move.

  5. lisleman says:

    I think some of these comments are as interesting as the cartoon.
    I did not know you had a schedule.
    I heard about this but didn’t pay much attention to it. He made a remark about Muslims I think.
    About the issue of balance. I listen to NPR and enjoy more than their news. Interesting comment about BBC. I like the BBC news and I listen to it ON THE NPR STATION.
    I don’t think it is liberal but if you compare it to FOX then it would be liberal because they are so right wing. BTW, MSNBC is certainly liberal.
    The country would be better served if news programs did not try to start controversy. But if money is the main focus then controversy will be there.

    • Bearman says:

      He did. His remark reflected on his own self professed bias’ towards muslims and the point he was trying to make is that we can’t judge all muslims based on the actions of a few. Somehow it turned into his hatred of Muslims.

  6. Jillsy says:

    WOW…you put this one together lickety-split!

  7. timm says:

    Good One! I listen to it all, makes for good humor at the dinner table. I like Juan Williams. Which is funny because now those of us who do like him have to switch to Fox! Ironic. NPR didn’t think too far ahead on this one. Drunken Political Correctness made them get a DUI !

  8. jynksie says:

    He should not have been fired for what he said. He should be put before a firing squad for working at Faux News! I have no respect for that news station or the people who work for it. They’ve made a mockery out of journalism! Not a fan of MSNBC either.

    “We report-you decide” translation: lets see if you, the viewer are smart enough to realize we make shit up! Oh, but wait, you’re already watching us, so your the kind of shmuck we thrive on!

    As for NPR, shut em down, radio is dead anyways! o.O

    …what was your Edit. cartoon about again? *smirk*

  9. Dr. Cynicism says:

    Great, like Fox News needs another person with another show over there…

  10. Chris W. says:

    I am soooooo tired of news stations with their own agendas. Neither one of them should even be allowed to use the words “news” in any capacity.

    Good comic, Bearman. That guy is going to be just fine. After the trampoline he will prolly ricochet Scrooge McDuck style into a vat of gold coins.

  11. Like someone said above, the BBC is the best in the business for just pure news. I like that it’s truly world news. They say they are on CNN and the others but you would see an coup in Thailand unless there were an American injured or killed. Seriously, that’s the only time they bother to report it.

    • Bearman says:

      It is amazing. I remember being in Ireland for one of the Olympics. It was amazing that they really focused on the best in every country, not just the United STates. I get it that we are very centric but sometimes you need to get your head out of your….

  12. Friggin Loon says:

    WTF Bearman, messing with my head again posting on the wrong friggin day. Now my entire week is all messed up. Sheez!
    Oh for the love of god, Fox is the Devil.

  13. Tony says:

    Ha Ha that’s a pretty swift butt kickin’ he got.

  14. 25BAR says:

    The news can get very stuffy and suffocating at times.
    Can’t it?

  15. Nate Fakes says:

    I’m sure he’s not too disappointed about being booted from NPR. Fox will probably give him a nice pay raise, AND let him say whatever he wants since he won’t be a serious broadcaster (since Fox News pretty much isn’t news but just right wing entertainment)

    • Bearman says:

      I enjoy watching news from several channels…until they piss me off and then I have to switch to another one. I’m the king of the clicker.

      • Nate Fakes says:

        I forget what channel it was in Dayton, but it was fun to watch the news on it because of the uncomfortable vibe between the broadcaster and the weatherman. They obviously hated each other, and in a very noticeable – yet non-specific way, the broadcaster would take jabs at him every chance he got. Hilarious!

  16. oh yes, yes. a schedule.

    if anyone understands about adhering to a posting schedule, it’s ME.

    anyway, i feel like you made his ass big on purpose? i thought this was a politically correct blog?

  17. Sheila Deeth says:

    You have a schedule? Perhaps if I had one too I’d notice things like that. But I did notice this and I like your cartoon.

  18. nursemyra says:

    I noticed the schedule

  19. Duncanr says:

    As a UK resident, it was interesting to read the favourable comments about the BBC news reporting – particularly in light of recent accusations of political bias against the current UK Government


    While the BBC is widely regarded at home and abroad as one of the more ‘even’handed’ news organisations, it is constantly accused of a left wing bias by those on the right of the political spectrum in the UK.

    Seems to be human nature to accuse of bias any organisation that presents an alternative viewpoint to one’s own – thereby negating the need to take that alternative viewpoint seriously and engage in a reasoned argument over the particular issue in question !

  20. SpilledInkGuy says:

    Forget extreme sports – it looks like Juan caught some big air(time) in your panel, Bearman!

    Also I suddenly have the urge to go out and buy a trampoline.


  21. Dan says:

    Bias in the media is so bad now that I only read The Onion. Now that’s fair and balanced!

  22. George says:

    With almost any celebrity, once you’ve reached a certain status, you can’t be undone by anything. There will always be a safety net somewhere for you to land on.

  23. George says:

    And since when do you have a schedule? I thought you gave us what you wanted when you wanted us to have it. 🙂

  24. bschooled says:

    Does this mean NPR is hiring?

  25. he’s unto a even bigger platform now

  26. MJ says:

    Everybody scores a job from FOX. Shoot! I want in on the broadcasting bucks!

  27. This guy got a 2 million dollar contract to work for FOX after this?! I think they set this up from the beginning. And he shot JFK too. From the grassy knoll or whatever.


  28. Can u give Denny Dance a drawring lesson?

  29. Brian Hagen says:

    (As Brian neatly dodges political comment for once), have you considered putting your update schedule front-and-center on your blog? Perhaps worked into your header?

    If you’re dedicated enough to post regularly, you – and I – should lock it into people’s minds. It’s a great reminder to on when to check back for new cartoons, and build the regular habit of visiting your site.

    I can’t resist a comment on the cartoon. The trampoline makes me think of a circus.

    • Bearman says:

      It’s more of an internal schedule. I don’t want people getting on me when I post on Monday or Thursday or decide I need 3 posts in a week and do Sunday, Tues, Thur.

      It can get too confusing. I say just add me to your RSS reader and all will be well.


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