Takei – Definition

Seems actor George Takei isn’t just famous for his stellar acting on Star Trek.   He has parlayed his celebrity into appearances on the Howard Stern show and is something of a Social Media icon – especially on Facebook.   And several times from an unmentioned cartoonist friend of ours. […]

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Overwhelmed Underwhelmed

Today’s cartoon is based on an actual conversation my wife and I had today.   As I was saying it I realized underwhelmed is NOT the opposite of overwhelmed even though “over” and “under” are. overwhelmed Bury or drown beneath a huge mass. Defeat completely. underwhelmed  Fail to impress or […]

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Oral Sex Banned from School…Dictionaries

Thanks to the Friggin Loon for the heads up on this story.  It seems a California School has decided to yank the dictionaries out of a K-8 school because they found out that the definition of the word “oral sex” was contained within.  Oh my!!!!  Actually I remember as a […]

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