I Hate Social Media Cartoon (Caption Contest)

Cartoon Caption Contest time.  You need to help me complete the words that best go into the third panel.  While I posed this as a cartoonist I think we can all relate to posting things online only for them to get ignored while other crap gets a bunch of attention. […]

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Internet Troll Cartoon

Ah the lovely internet troll. Anyone that blogs or posts regularly somewhere online has run across this person at least once. Some of you probably ARE the troll. I don’t judge. haha. So give us your best troll story. This is kind of a search engine experiment. Last year I […]

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Skin It

No this has nothing to do with cats.  I got an email from photobucket that was promoting a website called “Skin It”  It seems that with everyone but me owning an iphone there can be some confusion as to which one an individual owns during any iphone melee.  Skin it […]

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