When Blueheads meet Eggheads Cartoon

When Google Plus Blue Heads meet up with Twitter Eggheads

On twitter when you don’t have a profile picture attached to your account the default image is an egg thus those without a picture are known as “eggheads”  On Google Plus those without a profile pic are called “Blueheads” since that is the image of what shows up.  So today’s […]

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Social Media Pariah

I have said before that as an artist, it can be frustrating to spend several hours on a piece of work that gets ignored or little attention on social media but I can toss up a picture of my cat and it get tons of attention.   So today’s cartoon […]

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I Hate Social Media Cartoon (Caption Contest)

Cartoon Caption Contest time.  You need to help me complete the words that best go into the third panel.  While I posed this as a cartoonist I think we can all relate to posting things online only for them to get ignored while other crap gets a bunch of attention. […]

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