Putin a Spy in the White House (Cartoon)

Editorial Cartoon: Putin a Spy in the White House

So President Trump and President Putin met in Helsinki this past week.  The press questioned Putin as to whether there was dossier on President Trump that resulted in a  Kompromat.  (full transcript hereKompromat is a Russian term for any type of Compromising Materials on a Person.  Now neither President would confirm or fully deny it which led many on social media and the press to really wonder what Putin has on Trump which has led the President to lambaste our historic allies while at the same time cuddling up to the Russian Dictator President.

Interesting questions but former CIA operative Jack Devine has concluded that it is impossible for Donald Trump to be a spy simply because of his actions in Helsinki:

If Trump were truly serving as a Russian intelligence asset, there would have been an obvious move for him to make during his joint press conference with Putin. He would have publicly lambasted the Russian leader, unleashing as theatrical a denunciation as possible. He would have told Putin that he may have been able to get away with a lot of nonsense under Barack Obama, but all that would end now: America has a strong President and there will be no more meddling. Instead, Trump gave up his single best chance to permanently put to rest any suspicion that he is working to promote Russian interests.

So conspiracy theorists, what is your take?

Easter Egg: This isn’t the first time Boris of Boris and Natasha fame (Rocky and Bullwinkle) has made an appearance.  Check out this cartoon from 2010

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  1. lisleman says:

    Hmm, do you think Trump would understand the world better if his briefings were all presented in cartoon format?

  2. Jack Kent says:

    Need that moose to give him an antler up the butt!

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