Gangnam Style Takes over Justin Bieber

Bearman-Cartoon-Justin Bieber Gangnam Style

So Korean pop sensation PSY’s video for his song Gangnam Style has just surpassed Justin Bieber’s Baby video as the most watched on YouTube.   Now I am not a Justin Bieber hater like most.  In fact if you look at the stats, he has more unlikes on his YouTube video than likes.   I think he has talent.  But with many celebrities, I think sometimes they screw up royally when trying to remain relevant.

That is why the caption “Gangnam Takes Over Bieber” is a double entendre.  Obviously the first way to look at it is PSY’s video taking over Bieber’s.  But with the second you have to fully understand what Gangnam Style means.  It mocks people that are posers.  Those who act like something they are not.   Well it seems for all his success, it isn’t enough for Justin.  Now he has resorted to stunts like this.

According to the Huffington Post Article, he tweeted this shirtless pic to his followers. Seriously? Not only do you have to try and show your “sex appeal” but really you had to pull your pants down too? Interesting strategy.

Well good news for Bieber is that he and PSY have the same manager so maybe there will be a forthcoming collaberation.

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  1. Corve DaCosta says:

    He needs to remain relevant and remember he is now single..
    Entertainment life

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    My great granddaughter (almost two) gets her moms phone, finds the YouTube videos and goes to Gangnam Styles all the time. She loves the video and dances right along. It’s cute as heck.

    I don’t care for Bieber. Not one bit. I’m one of the haters. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  3. Deb says:

    He wear briefs. I think he’d be more popular if he wore boxers.
    Great drawings, Bearman!

  4. Tony McGurk says:

    Unless PSY can come up with another hit I think Gangnam Style will pass. Like so many others that have come & gone it could be a case of a one hit wonder whereas Justin Bieber has a lot of songs to keep him going

  5. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I had seriously thought about doing a Gangnam style video. I suppose I had better waith awhile before I give it a try though. You finally came up with a pop culture reference that even I am aware of. 🙂

  6. lisleman says:

    Hey let me know if “Justin Bieber” and “Gangnam Style” brings in much search traffic.
    I enjoy many youtube clips but I could careless who or what has the most views. Justin will last longer than Psy, I bet.

  7. Binky says:

    I just recently heard of that other guy.
    They both have the same manager? Wow, that guy certainly knows what he’s doing.

  8. jynksie says:

    I dont know what a Bieber is, but he and his hair need to EAT something and put their clothes back on! [blinks]

    …as for Psy and his Gangnam thingy, can someone, ANYONE push that guy into moving traffic, me had enough! [glares]

  9. I just threw-up a little bit, Bearman.
    Which is actually a compliment in this case.

  10. DadaHyena says:

    Bieber’s Gangnam take will never be better than Deadpool’s.

  11. Oh, dear Lord, when will Gangnam stop?!

  12. I feel I’ll never get those four minutes back after seein that video… but at least I learned what Gangnam style is.

  13. frigginloon says:

    Bieber is a talent with really bad songs, Psy is a hack with one good song. They should have both tweeted their undies….dumbass style!!!

  14. oh loved the cartoon, its sad when one has to resort to all the cheap antics to be in news..

  15. Tom Falco says:

    And Justin’s plan worked, you are talking about him.

    • Bearman says:

      True but it is never a good thing when I am the one talking about you

      • Bo Lumpkim says:

        I saw him this mornin’ on the today show in a pair of overall hangin’ half off talkin’ to the Canadian Prime Minister. If that boy don’t know how to wear overalls he ought to just stick to them drawers.
        We don’t take kindly to people who don’t know how to wear overalls.

  16. George says:

    I am a self-avowed Beiber Hater, although I don’t actually have a valid reason for despising the poor boy. It’s probably some kind of weird jealousy on my part, but I’ll never admit it. 🙂

  17. This past weekend my Dad brought up of how he saw the “Gangnam” video. My Dad is more “with it” than I am.

  18. I’ve tried taking my pants of to show my sex appeal but I just got arrested.. Come to think of it maybe the local mall wasn’t the right place for it..

  19. Bearman says:

    ESP in the women’s section

  20. Ahaha awesome cartoon.
    So funny. And thanks for sharing this pathetic pic 😀
    This makes me want to share some French movie references but I guess it’s not that hilarious when you don’t understand the language. Or maybe you do. You’ve been lying!! Ahah

  21. Androgoth says:

    Come back soon Bearman
    but do enjoy your time away 🙂

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