Oktoberfest T-shirt

Cincinnati is known to have the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany.  Now while Germany’s lasts over several weeks and actually runs into October, for whatever reason Cincinnati’s is over a weekend and always in September.  So that is why I highlight them now.

The very first t-shirt we put on WackSack.com was this Oktoberfest shirt that shows a guy in lederhosen carrying a large sausage.  The back say’s “Grab your Sausage and Have Fun”.  It has consistently been one of the top sellers.

Oktoberfest Shirt FRONT


Octoberfest Shirt


Later we added these a few more designs which have done pretty well in their own right. Click on them to go to their respective product page.







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  1. Seems I am getting some good Stumbleupon Traffic with this one. If you can…please click the “Stumble It” link above and keep the good things going. Thanks

  2. bschooled says:

    I love it Bearman!

    ps. Is that a real Braunschweiger?

  3. nursemyra says:

    that sausage is very yellow…..

  4. Nate Fakes says:

    That looks great! I wish I could attend The Nati’s big event, but I’ll be here in Florida – where they celebrate NOTHING but the state fair. I miss all those fall festival’s up north.

  5. frigginloon says:

    Hmm, at least you got the perspective right this time 🙂 .

  6. spilledinkguy says:

    I don’t get it, Bearman. 😉

  7. Phillyzero says:

    Yay for innuendos!

  8. yorksnbeans says:

    but what’s that little piece coming out his backside?? 😉

  9. Tony says:

    I am concerned that a sausage that big could be a choking hazard

  10. Sheila Deeth says:

    I’ve got to learn what stumbling is. The only Oktoberfest we ever went to was in Utah. Wonder how those designs would go over there.

  11. George says:

    Man, I love these designs. Any and all of them will look great on shirts and assorted paraphernalia.

  12. John K says:

    that is a great shirt!!!

  13. Milligan says:

    Sorry, but it’s not the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. That would be in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario Canada with their 9-day Oktoberfest. http://germanoriginality.com/heritage/oktoberfest.php

  14. Ну, как сказать, понравилось конечно:) Хотя я все равно практически ничего не понял. 🙂

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