Oktoberfest T-shirt

Oktoberfest Grab Your Sausage and Have Fun Tshirt

New Oktoberfest t-shirt design for 2014.  I decided that my very first tshirt design needed an update for 2014.  So here it is along with other holiday designs.  So when it is time for Oktoberfest whether in Munich or Zinzinnati (Cincinnati), it is time to “Grab Your Sausage and Have Fun”  Because […]

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When Food Goes Bad

When Food Goes Bad by Bearman Cartoons

It is interesting how one thing inspires the next.   Thinking about smells in my last post got me thinking about when food goes bad.  Which of course drove an image of a gang of bad food, which of course led that group of a moldy steak, cracked egg, and sour […]

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Matzah Balls Tshirt

Long time readers might recognize the design for “I Got Your Matzah Balls Right Here” because I posted it last year and asked if I should put it on a tshirt.  Well guess what.  I forgot to do it until now.  Available on WackSack.com (I really need to rebrand all […]

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Sinning T-shirt

So much has been said about Charlie Sheen and his “Winning” slogan.  Everyone wants to emulate Charlie and there are a ton of “Winning” shirts out there.  But if you are going to be an ass in public (or just a little devilish imp) why not call a spade a […]

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St Paddy’s Day 2011

Ok so I posted the same thing last year but I have 3 more regular commenters who may not have gone back so far in the archives.  Click here for all the products with this design.  Don’t forget St. Patricks day is once again March 17 so what are your […]

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Is this Toooooo Offensive??

Everyone knows I have no problems walking the edge of good taste.  Of course the wife loved it as we both laughed uncomfortably at this given the TSA issue in the news.   One one hand, I think it is a great play on words.  On the other I would never […]

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Editorial Cartoon: TSA Pat Downs

I have noticed over the last week a sudden uptick in visitors looking at my previous Body Scanner cartoon.  So I thought I would delight them with what turned out to be one of my own personal favorites. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the creepy old guy […]

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Oktoberfest Tshirt

Long time readers may remember this shirt but given it is a top seller at the store, it is one I like to highlight each year.   This is the first t-shirt I ever designed for the store:  it depicts a guy in lederhosen carrying a large sausage.  The back say’s […]

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Shirt of the Month: Got Hole?

Shirt sales at my store are funny like Stumpleupon.  With Stumble Upon, I can get no traffic for weeks and then all of the sudden I notice a blog I wrote weeks earlier suddenly is getting hits.  Same with my store.  I can go weeks without a sale and then […]

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