Bearman Cartoon: The New Gordon Brown

So I usually post editorial cartoons that my UK and other international fans might not get because of the subject matter.  So in honor of them (NobblySan, WIB, etc), I thought I would post a cartoon that 99% of Americans won’t get.  Hey most can’t name the US Vice President.

It seems that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has survived a mutiny within his own party and has come out renewed as the “New Gordon Brown”.   Now I’ll be honest as I don’t know enough about his policies to create a cartoon that delves with issues.   I used to be an avid watcher of Prime Minister’s Questions when Tony Blair was PM.  The biting wit back and forth was priceless.  I would love to see VP Questions or even Secretary of State Questions done here.   

Even though I don’t know much about Brown, I do know one thing.  I always find it humorous whenever a politician essentially tries to rebrand themselves.  In the end, it typically is just window dressing.

 6 9 09 Bearman Cartoon New Gordon Brown

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  1. Paolo Sandalo says:

    I just love the “removed earwax in attempt to be a better listener!” Haha! Thanks for making my day! Keep making your stuff!

  2. LOL. Very nice, I actually got it. The cartoon is, as always, great. Very nice post, funny and talented.

  3. You are funny. I do appreciate the wit 🙂

  4. duncanr says:

    Spot on, BM

    Sad reflection on our society that how well a politician comes across on camera is of more importance than what they believe or say

  5. NobblySan says:


    If that’s window dressing, then I still think the end product is well past its ‘sell by’ date.

    I’m not just talking about gordon McBroon here, but more about UK politics as a whole.


  6. HAHA! Funny HAHA for sure. I don’t find you strange at all.

  7. Nate Fakes says:

    I like the cartoon – I just wish I knew more about this person. I’m sure I’ll learn more as time goes on…

  8. funnyrunner says:

    Neat blog you have here. Thanks for visiting LLOL

  9. nursemyra says:

    hmmm…… that new tie is the same as his previous one

  10. yorksnbeans says:

    I think they got the wrong person in this vid. Should have been Brown!

  11. George says:

    We got a vice-president? Perot, right?

  12. Shawn says:

    I’m pretty sure Margaret Thatcher is the British PM, Bearman. Sheesh, way to embarrass yourself.

  13. alantru says:

    I say old bean, ripping, wot! Ripping! Well played, bearman!

  14. i miss you, tony blair.

  15. John says:

    Hahaha! Great one, Bearman. It’s great to see you lampooning a politico from the UK. And even without the captioning, I’d know straight away it was him. Brilliant!

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