Editorial Cartoon: Celebrity Moms

Dr Benjamin Spock never thought of this motherly advice when he was writing his parenting books in the 40’s.  But celebrity moms are always on the cusp of what is cool and hip when it comes to child raising.  First it was the trend to name your kid Apple, Apricot […]

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New Banner Ads

  So I finally decided to update my banner ads that might reflect two of the core areas of focus for Bearman Cartoons.  Politics and Pop Culture. I love how the politics one turned out but not sure if I should have made the pop culture one animated or not.  […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Sesame Street at 40 (Oscar)

I am working on a few different cartoons to “celebrate” Sesame Street turning 40. Because after 40 everything turns to crap. Looks like I am not the only one with Sesame Street cartoons this week.  Check out Agent-X and Spud Comics for more. Follow me via TWITTER updates. or help […]

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