Alligator Arms Defined Cartoon

Alligator Arms Cartoon by Bearman Cartoons

The phrase “Alligator Arms” (or Dinosaur Arms) is one my friends and I have used for years to describe our other cheap friends.   Seems Urban Dictionary has the same idea.  Everyone know this person.  Either they fail to ever pick up the check when you go out or when […]

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Guest Cartoon: Frank Hansen

The interesting thing when I put out a call for guest cartoons is that there is always a surprise in my email inbox from someone I had not yet come across.  Frank Hansen is a cartoonist and illustrator.  He is preparing to launch his own comic in the near future […]

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Julian Beever – Pavement Drawings

I have been joking about my lack of ability to draw in perspective. Well Julian Beever doesn’t have that problem. I is a reknowned 3D Street Artists. That’s right his canvas is the street yet his drawings seem to actually have height and depth. I am showing a few here […]

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Posemaniacs: Great Source for Drawing Poses

Some of us who were NOT art or illustrator majors in college (and it shows) have a hard time picturing certain body poses in our heads.  Never had a wood drawing dummy (well unless you consider some of my exes) I tend to spend alot of time making faces in […]

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