Ohio Tourism Board’s Campaign to Attract California Visitors

Ohio Tourism Board's Campaign to Attract California Visitors

The Ohio Tourism Board has a new campaign to attract visitors from California.  RAIN and WATER.  Ok not really but they probably should. How many of you plan a vacation and say “Hey let’s go to OHIO!!”  Probably not many unless you are coming for a specific event or maybe […]

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Editorial Cartoon: California Winds and Herman Cain

So the winner’s of the Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest are Bo Lumpkin and Scott (Jynksie) Jenkins. Pairing up the devastating wind storms in California with the demise of Herman Cain’s campaign was both funny and timely. Gentlemen, your prize is a tshirt of the design of your choice from WackSack.com. […]

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Editorial Cartoon: California Wind Storm Caption Contest

Today’s editorial cartoon started as usual with me reading about the terrible Wind Storms in California last week.  Of course nature was the cause but what if it were something else.  Thus began my problem.  There are so many choices for the cause of severe wind…. A Republican National Debate […]

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Editorial Cartoon: What if Prop 19 Passed?

So Prop 19 in California FAILED at the ballot.  This was the ballot initiative that would have legalized and regulated marijuana in the state.  The idea being that decriminalizing it would bring in much needed tax revenue and decrease the prison burden. Young voters in California appeared to overwhelmingly support the measure, however, […]

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Oral Sex Banned from School…Dictionaries

Thanks to the Friggin Loon for the heads up on this story.  It seems a California School has decided to yank the dictionaries out of a K-8 school because they found out that the definition of the word “oral sex” was contained within.  Oh my!!!!  Actually I remember as a […]

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