Trump Pence – Make America Crap Again

Donald J Trump has decided that Indiana Governor Mike Pence should be his Vice Presidential candidate.  Much like no one checking Melina’s speech before it was delivered at the convention for potential issues regarding plagiarism of Michelle Obama, did no one think that Trump Pence could be shortened to TP […]

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The Anatomy of Ted Cruz

The Anatomy of Ted Cruz Parody Caricature Bearman Cartoons

Ted Cruz, the only presidential candidate that I haven’t poked fun at directly gets his treatment today.  Let’s take a look at the Anatomy of Ted Cruz together.  As the Republican Party is now looking for any alternative than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is preening and Jeb Bush is kicking […]

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The GOP Hatches a Plan

The GOP Hatches a Plan by Bearman Cartoons

The GOP hatches a plan.  Yet it seems to continually backfire.  (With apologies to Dr Suess and Horton Hatches an Egg).   Last summer when Donald Trump was first running, the GOP figured he was a flash in the pan candidate who would fizzle out.  But they figured they could […]

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Trump the Grinch

Trump Grinch Editorial Cartoon Bearman Cartoons

Is Donald Trump the Grinch?  His continual fear mongering to win support for his Presidential run garners a lot of press and quite a few supporters.  However, his current rants against Muslims, including barring any Muslims from entering the country and starting a database on those who are already here, […]

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The Most Interesting Smurf in the World

The Most INteresting Man in the World is a Smurf Bearman Cartoons

If you asked me if I was starting out doing a parody mash up of Dos Equis Beer’s “Most Interesting Man in the World” and Papa Smurf, the answer is no.  Just as I started drawing the famous ad man’s face I noticed his resemblance to the old blue guy. […]

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Grumpy Cat vs Grumpy Cat

Garfield Vs. Grumpy Cat

I’d be surprised if this cartoon hasn’t been done by someone but I purposefully didn’t look so it wouldn’t impact my vision.  For the unaware, the “grumpy cat” on the left is the original grumpy one – Garfield the Cat.   The unsuspecting feline is the internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat. […]

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Australian Taxi Cab Drivers

Today’s cartoon is an ode to the wonderful men and women who drive the taxis all around Australia.  I am sure most of them are very competent.  So why the heck did you send the others to us?  It was if someone had installed Apple Maps (notorious for getting people […]

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